Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews Morning Thick Em’s

· August 1, 2012

Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the 1st of the month..Get up, get up, get up so check out the morning thick em’s and get up. Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews shows you your night life attire before leaving the crib to head to the club. She is out of Saint Louis, Missouri and thicker then a meth-less filled Snickers bar. You can ask her anything you want @ formspring.me/stlbunee1. Are you feeling her?

http://www.facebook.com/jasminemmatthews     @stlbunee1



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  1. Brotha Noompsey says:

    Hahz thanks bro…..Thanks for this. I’m ready for work now lol. I’m gonna say it ya’ll… She is a Portia killer.

  2. Will says:

    Co-sgin witya @Brotha…but since you mention the “P-word” let me beat Trey, tone et al to the punch…lol..”how can you compare this to portia…she’s a complete natural beauty from her head to her baby toe…been down wit her since ’05…and everyone shows her luv on Twitter…and I think this chick has weave, so how can you say she a Portia killa?”

    Let da games begin…lol…!!!

  3. blizzy says:

    bonus pic was that morning wake up for sure

  4. Realtalkldn says:

    I like this lady, I like her a whole lot. Cute face, nice boobs, big ol ass. She is right!! Her girl in pic 5 with the gold bikini on is a good look too

  5. WildWild says:

    Body banging… but my dear sweet brother noompsay..lol.. I wouldn’t go that far with that PJ comments you bout to start a war..lol.. only cause Bunee got all that damn cake up and weave.. but she is banging no doubt might have to go to St. Louie for the wknd

  6. Brotha Noompsey says:

    Ass and tits man. How often you see something sexy as hell like this with perfect ass and tits? Best of both worlds. I’m out already late for work looking at this fine specimen right here lol.

  7. treydarealest1 says:

    Don’t get it twisted she would get the #%#$ would no be beat to #@@$#@. Portia killer? until you show me another Mixed looking broad, beautiful with pretty Real hair no cakeup with tits and ass until then Drop always comparing theses average chicks to her when a chick got some tits and ass. Why not Maliah? what is it with the Portia #$%#%#?

  8. queso BP.1 says:

    Cute girl…banging body. She nice.

  9. tone says:

    Why does she look different in ever picture? Her body also look different in ever shot. I love huge tits and ass rare combo on any young lady she gets props for that! But comparing to the P word? How? lol

  10. Brotha Noompsey says:

    OK…. I would take Portia in a heartbeat,but what’s all this talk of Portia being all natural? I’ve seen pics with her wearing makeup before. Its not caked on but its there. And iirc didn’t Portia get enhancements to her ass? I could’ve sworn she did. I don’t have a doctorate in assonomics but I do have a masters and jasmines ass looks pure organic no hormones added ass. I like that she has big nice tits too. So when you break it down Portia having natural hair is all she has on her. Plus I like jasmines lips better too.

    • treydarealest1 says:

      I follow her on twitter @broth a few of us do Portia don’t wear makeup, I seen her wear it for photo shoots thats it . On Portia’s body been natural thats why she get so much props from her old fans for being all natural. Thats rare combo Half these broad don’t want to be caught with out there makeup and weave Lmao I think this chick would get her fair share but, I don’t see how you can compare her to portia That in known for Natural beauty in the game.

      • Hahz says:

        you know you have a border line obsession with her right?

      • treydarealest1 says:

        @hahz that would be me and 200 other niggas that talk to her all the time on twitter LMAO. I am not Obsessed with no %^$^$. I just call out facts Any time we kick facts about her we sweating her or I am ?(shrugs) Call me Obsessed then like all the other #%$##s are over her (shrugs)

        • Hahz says:

          I don’t think a day went by w/o you bringing up her name, bringing her name up verse every model posted isn’t really kicking facts though. Your GF would break up with your if she knew how much u liked her.

          • treydarealest1 says:

            @hahz are you kidding????? Her name is brought up on here by all kinds of niggas I be the main one saying why she always brought up on here, a few times I brought her up when she was just talked about on another post. Now if another nigga bring her up and I leave a comment I thats cool I can do that. Like @ brotha brung her up this time I am just kicking real $#%#%# you cant compare a $#%#$%$ with cakeup and weave to a broad without it on top of that Beautyp mixed looking.

    • treydarealest1 says:

      @brotha http://twitter.com/#!/BeautyP/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2Fadou6e This is why I don’t get it not even the same type of broad. LOL Reminder my friend.

      • tone says:

        Yeah Portia is gorgeous no comparing. But @hahz we have all spoke to beautyp she has said she doesn’t want her pictures posted on here. Did you know that? If so why do you continue to post her?

        • Hahz says:

          You are obviously Portia cause she only text’d about that conversation. I called you out before for having convo’s with your self in Portia’s posts before… Where are all of Y’ALL having this conversation at about me and Atlnightspots at? please provide some screen shots with your answer.

          • tone says:

            @hahz you can’t be serious. Who all has spoke to her @ trey @bstraight @ mr P etc? few more portia has bluntly said on twitter she does not want her pics on here don’t make me pull up twitter screen shots @ hahz from her time line. I am her now because she has said over 20 times on twitter she don’t want her pics on here ? Yeah ok

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Yea Hahz Portia is a f#ckin weirdo lurking azz broad. Assuming other names like u just confirmed. I knew that was her. Idk any grown woman or man with business or a life (like Maliah or LaStar) that would do something like this. And why take the damn pics and put em on the net if you don’t want them being posted? Foh. The Coalition don’t fck wit broads like that.

          • treydarealest1 says:

            @tone I Have seen it I just had a convo about her and those white short going to end up on there she said please tell them to stop posting my pics. Shit just seen her and @bstraight on twitter have the same convo to @haz so where you been not to see that?

          • Hahz says:

            I tell tone to post a screen shot of the convo and you reply? hmmm

          • WildWild says:

            If PJ don’t want her pics posted why she taking pics then and how is ANS getting them if she ain’t taking them, or someone else taking them and sending them out.. GTFOHWTBS all females taking pics of they azz body shots what they wearing and looking like is doing for attention… IT’S ALL IN VAIN… Post her azz hahz or band her if she thinking she too good for the post.. Shawty ain’t all that with the same wack azz poses… Tell her azz bring some new ish with a new phone or keep it moving shawty

          • NoBS says:

            Good question @hahz how are you getting these girls pictures? Because I know for a fact Portia Mesha and Maliah, Kyra and Yaris are not sending sites there pictures. I Follow all of them they all have complained about pics being stolen.

          • Hahz says:

            I let continue to let you leave comments just so everyone can see how lame you look changing your name from the same i.p address as two other people in this comment section.

          • NoBS says:

            @Hahz if this is true and she told you that personally why would you keep posting her? Lol that lost me @tone I talk to her about this also You have no reason to lie it is on TWITTER.

          • Look @ “cheddar bob” aka moor trying to take his shots @ P smh, LOL Cmon son!! BP corp!!!

          • Not to be rude or mean. But I say fucke’m all! I don’t know why we even give these chicks the praises anyways. Seems like they all high and mighty of themselves. So if they full of themselves they need to stop taking pics. I love giving chicks props and all but dayum they just made me take a whole different path of them. And Meesha Seville ain’t all dat anyways I don’t even look at her post when they drop. SMH these women I tell you Hahz, keep doing your thing bro. These chicks have to remember when they do Calenders and other things to promote themselves they have to think about who’s going to buy that mess. Man Hahz, drop some Krysti Hill for me please.

  11. DonkRida® says:

    I’m feeling her

  12. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:


  13. Playboy69 says:

    Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews is a CERTIFIED DIMEPIECE! She just sign a 5 year $100 MILLION DOLLAR deal with URBAN PLAYBOY BUNNIES GROUP!….AND YES PORTIA should be SCARED!…LMFAO

  14. 828Heffe says:

    The hell with comparing her to another chick, she is fine in her on right. Bonus pic was NICE

  15. this chick here is mmm good. she not no portia but then again portia straight too i guess

  16. tone says:

    I had to fall back from atl night spots as you can see, to much going on the racist $#%#. The real meaning behind BP and Tc lol dudes calling other dudes gay because they won’t hit a certain chick that ain’t a dime for real. The beautyp comparisons with young ladies not like her at all. You only see this kind of shit on here. This needs to get back to being the barber shop, a place for us to talk about fine ass women.

    • Stackz says:

      Hahz might be right your starting to sound like portia trolling this site randomly bringing up your own name so people talk about you posts that have 0 to do with you. I call for a BAN.

    • tone says:

      Hell I love seeing pics of portia but @ hahz you out of line to say I am her when what ever I say is on her twitter. Everybody that have spoke to her about not having her pics on here need to step up and say the $%#%$#. If I was her I don’t think not posting pics would have came up.

      • Hahz says:

        If you follow her so closely why don’t you have a link or a screen shot to this convo everyone keeps having with her about ANS?

        • tone says:

          You have a point @hahz I am looking now on her time line but $#%# is good for deleting her tweets. But if other people would open they mouth we would all know she has spoke about it on twitter with a few people.

          • Hahz says:

            GTFOH w/ her deleting all these texts that every one (Alias) refers to but can’t find a screen shot or link to.

          • NoBS says:

            @hahz I follow her to she does delete tweets a lot. Sorry to tell you she has said this several times, Portia has never Dissed your site but does not want her pics posted on here because she feel’s this is not a place where her fans are. I told her she is liked here.

          • TYBO2020 says:


          • NoBS says:

            everybody like who? oh the people on here got you.

          • What’s up with all this back and forth sh*t? @NoBs @Playboy @Strait @Hahz WTF?

          • Playboy69 says:

            My client Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews got these CAPTAIN SAVE A PORTIA wetting on themselves! Jasmine “BUNEE” Matthews >>>>> Portia “PAMPERS” Jenkins!…LMFAO

          • Playboy69 says:

            @Ward…My client Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews got these CAPTAIN SAVE A PORTIA wetting on themselves! Jasmine “BUNEE” Matthews >>>>> Portia “PAMPERS” Jenkins!…LMFAO

          • true..i’m not gonna say the magic word because well..you see the comments on this post lol…who else ya’ll got on urban playboys homie?

          • Playboy69 says:

            @rasheed… Take the oath and it’s offical!…My Oath is TEAM URBAN PLAYBOY BUNNIES ALWAYS DO IT BETTER!…LMFAO!

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Tone/Portia is a b*tch N1gga. Go figure huh. He/she always do that sh1t.

          • NoBS says:

            He may be that lol but he’s not Portia lol all he said beautyp has said on twitter. @hahz just has never caught it when she does.

          • Hahz says:

            FYI treydarealest1 & NoBS are the same people everyone.

          • Sohated313 says:

            lofl…. On blast

          • yungwhittx says:

            thanks for putting that out there hahz, im reading the comments and dude changing his name tryna back up his lies. Please ban this person as they are suffering from a heavy case of lameness.

          • Playboy69 says:

            @hahz…Don’t Ban Trey cuz we got TEAM FAIRY TALES on LOCK!…LMFAO!

          • 20/20 says:

            Lmao thank you Hahz!! I knew there was some funny bizz going on with those characters that is sooooo sad and pathetic..call them out, lol

          • 313Deuce BP says:

            Hahz straight up if somebody post something else about Portia when you dont have nothing posted about this broad, ban them flat out, and make sure their comments cant reach the room, cuz obviously n1ggas beat they dicks when they hear the name for what ever reason.

          • Pretty Manny says:

            LOL. Wow! really don’t these people have jobs? what’s really going on here people get a life. And Hahz just ignore them.

          • bighomie53 says:


          • What’s up with all this back and forth sh*t?

          • Playboy69 says:

            @Hahz…The REAL Question is WHERE IS B STRAIGHT 3000 to SAVE PORTIA?….LMFAO!

          • bighomie53 says:


          • @Hahz, damn bro I never seen you turn into the Hulk. Bro it’s all good just keep doing your thing. Everytime the P-word gets thrown up u know it’s going to be “Pandemonium” up in the room. So why even feed on to that B.S all I have to say is that Jasmine Bunee Matthews is a winner. From now on anyone who mentions Portia.J name on someone else’s post allow it not to go through. It’s not fair for this woman here to be looked over.

  17. 313Deuce BP says:

    WTF!!! does Portia got to do wit this post? This is another chick posted not Portia damn. Yall niggas flappin ya dicks on a broad that dont even know yall. She not modeling no more get over it. Anyway Jasmine is certified like my bachelors degree. i would holla.

  18. tone says:

    How don’t I make sense @hahz? Its true the racist crap I even said the other day I am not Bp. But what’s up with the new name @stackz? I don’t bring #$%#%# up hell I haven’t even really been on here lately. wff?

    • DonkRida® says:

      We know the reason yo as ain’t been on here nicca. Cause yo girl ain’t been posted. Go back to your sack homeboy, I’m sure you’ll come out when your girl post more shit room pics

  19. NoBS says:

    @hahz yeah seen this to had to come out for this one lol Portia has said this on twitter when she is @ about it I said something about this site to her. she told me the same thing @hahz its no secret.

  20. no hate says:

    I wasn’t all that impressed until I saw the bonus. Then it was like, ‘Hmmph.’

  21. Soooo…..what’d i miss lmao!!!

    • Playboy69 says:

      @B Straight 3000….RIGHT ON CUE!…Mr. Captain SAVE-A-PORTIA is HERE! Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews = “SHOW ME STATE” for PORTIA…LMFAO!

    • NoBS says:

      We both missed it, looks like a lot I was just passing through I almost choked on my Coffee lol I cant believe @hahz tried to say some one was Portia when he mentioned her not wanting her photos on this site. The girl has said this to us all when we @ her about Atl night spots. Lol I missed the comedy. This girl is cute but where did the Portia thing come from anyway?

      • Playboy69 says:

        @No BS…It’s from Brotha Noompsey And I Quote ” SHE IS A PORTIA KILLER”…LMFAO!

      • Heyyyyyy @noBS,what’s up lady!! @playboy I see u starting trouble again LOL. Idk how this turned into a portia post…comments wise smh LOL.

        • Playboy69 says:

          @ B Strait 3000… Stephen A. Smith has just report that Jasmine “Bunee” Matthews has sign $100 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL with the “URBAN PLAYBOY BUNNIES GROUP” so YES I have to DEFEND my CLIENT she is ASS DEFENSE TEAM INSURED!…LMAO!

        • Hahz says:

          Cause of all the aliases in here talking about the same thing.

          • yungwhittx says:

            @hahz is no b.s. and tone the same person?? I believe u referred to that earlier, if so u need to ban that lame. That’s lame as hell for somebody to change their name when u put em on blast. And dude is reall trolling..

  22. TYBO2020 says:


  23. Voice_of_Reason says:

    I am originally from the 618, and she is very NICE!!!!!

  24. Sohated313 says:

    I say damn, tryin to read all these comments is like tryin to read a straight up novel! Babygirl bring em out. She on point though. I’m lovin the bonus pic.

  25. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

    Look fellas FCUK portia she ain’t givin us no p*ssy so stop campaigning for that beach,yall beginning to sound like some PUSS AZZ HOES

    • Realtalkldn says:

      I hear that fams. Id only go for this hard for my wife if I ever get angry. Everybody getting heated and shit. @hahz thanks for this talent Jasmines a winner. Keep em coming

    • reefmoney says:

      Yoooo Hahz, you know you and Portia are both from the same city….I wonder why she dislikes a site that Bigs her up and have things in common.

  26. downbydariver says:

    I like….she a cutey wit a PHAT azz…

  27. treydarealest1 says:

    Boy oh boy I go smoke me a big fat ass blunt @ bs done came and more facts proven LMAO

  28. 1luv says:

    The way I see it, one girl is as bad as the other.

  29. BzB says:

    yeah….this bunee chick looking good. we need to keep tabs on her.

  30. desolation says:

    this chick look like a rat, who hangs w/ other rats. I don’t even care that she got a cool body. Rats is rats, point blank.

  31. DCAssLuva says:

    her in that black and white striped dress mercy smh!!! and that bonus pic

    so what is she a azz model or just a regular girl ? if she a regular girl its only a matter of time before she becomes a azz model wit that azz every woman wit azz tries too become a azz model

  32. Pretty Manny says:

    BTW it doesn’t matter if Portia doesn’t want her pics to be posted on this site because legally speaking she has no claim. So long as she puts her pictures on an open forum (ie, open twitter account) on the internet she no longer has a right to those pics. They can be posted in a million locations and she would have no recourse. That’s why intelligent people (especially women) should not post compromising pictures or any pictures for that matter in open forums if they want to control the distribution of those pics.

    • bighomie53 says:

      Exactly!!!!!!! If it’s true that portia doesn’t want her pics posted on this site anymore why the f*** do the members of the WOLFPACK still be holdin this broad up high as f*** on a pedestal like no other woman in the world can possibly look better than her????? FOH As far as i’m concerned she disrespecting ATLNIGHTSPOTS & the WOLFPACK by saying she don’t want her pics posted here KNOWING how many of her so-called fans be on her jock supporting her on this site!!!!!!!!!! #WP

  33. Playboy69 says:


  34. Big AL says:

    She stupid thick but on another note……..
    Damn niccas got aired out in this c-section. A lot of bodies on the floor. Watch your step on the way out ladies n gentlemen. Lol

  35. Voice_of_Reason says:

    Wow, really sad and pathetic, but props to Hahz for putting them out there.

  36. LMFAO!! THIS IS THE FUNNYEST SH$T I HAVE READ ON ANS SO FAR!! Hahz just exposed a dude on here acting like a girl!! Or a Chick acting like a dude..Idk but it’s proof there are some real weirdos on the internet Wow

  37. jay says:


  38. Mr. Freeze says:

    She’s cold blooded.

  39. LouisianimaL says:

    She Bad..that ass in all black…amen lol

  40. LouisianimaL says:

    she bad…that ass in all black…amen lol

  41. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    Hell to the yeah I’m feeling her!

  42. R.E.D.BP Elite says:

    Damn………….I missed everything

    I been figured out that @Tone was %$# late last year…Dead giveaway at how @tone used to cape for Portia every time her pic was posted on here.

  43. Playboy69 says:

    @NoBS…U NEED A TISSUE! Portia “PAMPERS” Jenkins is SO 2000’s!…LMAO!

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