• TacCity

    She’s looking right, but I just don’t like big tats on pretty females. It’s like putting a bumpersticker on a Ferrari. So she gets a 8,but gets a .5 deducted for the tat 7.5


      WTF,is all of that black shhh on her body besides the tats????yuck

      • http://www.atlnightspots.com Hahz

        lol you must not have any tats Rex


          Naw,dog I don’t,but is that the N result???

    • PAC

      Like how you put that. Even though I don’t mind A big tatt. It’s the multiple meaningless ones all over the body. But definitely agreed..

  • The Man

    wow. i almost vomited when i saw that fvcked up tattoo on her. man, i don’t know why black women do that shyt to themselves. they’re the only ones who think covering their bodies in tats is appealing.

    Unfortunately millions of black men disagree. Thus making another type of black woman unappealing and undesirable in the eyes of a black man which = single, unmarriageable black woman.

    • http://www.atlnightspots.com Hahz

      All races get body tattoo’s black women just started recently jumping on this trend. A tattoo wouldn’t stop me from marrying a compatible women.

      • http://atlnightspots queso

        Agreed…I’m tatooed UP!!! And so is the wife! As long is u ain’t got a icecream cone on ur face u straight lol

        • moorfedayeen

          Naw Hahz that’s pure bullshit. Black woman, at least this new rogue group bent on selfdestruction, has the market cornered on (rachet ass) tattoos. The man is 100% right. How many females u know w/o one let alone more then one? Sh*t is disgusting

  • Will

    Man, she looked like she was made from a manufacturing assembly plant…almost mannequin lookin’…

    • I’m STILL the PRINCE!!

      But she BADD bruh!! Damn she on point to me!

  • datmemphisboi

    I think its tasteful…other than her doing her occupation, its covered. She get a solid 9 from me, but imma sucker for dimples.

  • prince_kosmic

    She wearing too much make up for me. But other than that shawty body is nice, face is cute, and she can ride with me.

  • $hark

    Im sure mike tyson has one just like it lol

  • Matt Demon


  • Red Of teamchocolate

    I’m suspicious about this “female” if ya’ll know what I mean.

    Look at he face closely

    • Red Of teamchocolate


      • trap101

        sayin’ @Red, that choker on the neck is tactically placed in the right spot.? lol

        • Nobigurls

          I was thinkn the same, her face Big that warrants a side eye!!

      • Nobigurls

        I think u meant that first one!! Lol

        • Nobigurls

          That was @red

  • Boss

    lol lol nigga if she look suspicious then im pretty sure you’ve f@cked a hand full of dudes… bomb n1ggas dont know dick from pu$$y…. dont know a bad b12tch when u see it 10

  • terrence

    she is beautiful and one of a kind smh sum of you all don’t even have a 3 at home.

  • Poppichuloco

    I’m concern about all you cats who are drooling over this dude. Just saying!

  • TYBO2020


  • G_Brown23

    To Fuckin Sexy

  • realtalkldn

    SHe dont look like a dude no how shes very gorgeous but the tats are unecessary

  • G_Brown23

    1word GORGEOUS

  • LouieV

    she weak.

  • Playboy69

    Too much make up….7.5!

  • http://t-top.tumblr.com mr.portcity

    Top notch…stripper

  • Shug (The Real Deal)

    Looking o k until I saw that ugly ass tat, and all that black shit WTF, she gets a 5.

  • Cold and Hot

    She look good to me.

  • Southwest

    Just a pair of nice legs. Not a fan of elementary school drawing tattoos and clown make-up.

  • keith

    whats up with all the weave and clown makeup?n she probaly look better without all that shit

  • Rio4me

    Tats and Stretch Marks….nice combination!

  • james101

    thats a shame ya’ll gotta hate on babygilr like that. she is “all that” and a bag of chips in my book. i agree with ol boy, most of ya’ll aint even got a 3 at home. quit hating on her she the shit a 10 bitch.and yes a few of u have fucked a handful of men for the idiots that says shes a dude, am really lol right now. and so what she got weave in her hair she still looks good and so what she wears make up im pretty sure when yo bitch puts on make up she looks know where near her. shes not even a 10 she’s off the charts . sexy mama

    • G_Brown23

      I agree.. She is off the charts.. she is mad sexy