Gucci Mane is back on grind mode like he never left shooting a video for “Everybody Looking” off Gucci Mane “The Burrrprint 2HD” mix tape hosted by DJ Holiday filmed in Bankhead. “Everybody Looking” was directed by Mr.Boomtown a.k.a ‘The Durtiest Director Down South’ he has shot past video’s for Gucci like “My Own Worst Enemy” and “She Got A Friend”. Cubana Lust was the lead video vixen and you can see why ,she had the projects going nuts. Gucci-mania movement is still moving with a rumored 5 video’s being shot in 5 day’s. You can purchase the mix tape here. Look out for the behind the scenes video tomorrow.

Gucci Mane “Everybody Looking” Behind The Scenes Video Shoot from on Vimeo.

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  • hodgeprt

    Cubana lookin like she need a little gym time or etha she got a photoshop body

    • Denzel Sausagtion

      yeah she looking real nasty and busted

  • BlackLondoNer

    What’s The Shorts Waka Flocka rocking?

    i need that for the summer out here..

  • MoorFedayeen

    Don’t even know why they let this coon out of his cage. Half naked woman running around in the projects for a rap video shoot while the children look on. Can you say “Poverty Pimpin”??? Fuck rap. It’s a silent weapon used to get black kids to self destruct! -Alicia Keys

  • MoorFedayeen

    On another note:Amber a rat for even being anywhere near this trash. Cubana was long suspected but now she’s confirmed too. My chick gotta a better body then her. I’m serious.

    • lol that’s not Amber Rose

      • MoorFedayeen

        BAHAHAHAHAHAA That’s what I get for not clicking on the pic. Cut me some slack though, that girl may not be her but she is biting Amber’s sh*it pretty tough, just like I knew woman would. Either that or Amber would of charged these dusty niggras an arm & a leg for an appearance cuz this aint her. Too hood

  • The black Steve jobs

    The man wants us to think gucci lifestyle is real so he can get our youth to follow him and end up in prison for hard labor. Wake up folks.

  • CHris G

    Everybody Lookin dats my shit Burr i see my nigga Waka …Gucci finna have da summer on lock


    Cubana lust look like she than lost it, I would still hit though.

  • Skykilla77

    mane he doin a vid 4 my fav song off da mixtape,dat nigga fresh 2 wit louie v sun visor,cubana body look nasty face look good,my nigga Flocka out there & frenchie…Drumma Boy one of best producers frm MEMPHIS(where im frm)…Gucci need to do a vid 4″ATL Zoo”next luda bump’d so hard on dat hoe(song)anyways..Memph,TN..FLOCKAA!

  • scog81

    I’m sorry but I’m POUNDING cubana Azz. I cant help it. THICK AZZ HOODRAT with the sex appeal & that BIG ghetto Azz. POUNDING!!!!!

  • Ice

    damn they got that video on worldstar hip hop already

  • jayone360

    first off i jus wanna say you mf made gucci who he is, an advocate of non morels to the rap game . We lost hip-hop between him and that wock flock lame ass nigga.