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· March 12, 2009

Damn Free’s ass got thick,she visited 106 & Park for a relationship abuse special. T.V is really abusing this Chris Brown Rihanna drama now every show wants to talk about abuse now come one. I caught a lil bit of the show Terrance is so annoying I couldn’t even watch it for long.

Free 106 & parkFree 106 & ParkFree 106 & ParkFree 106 & ParkFree 106 & Park
Free 106 & Park


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  1. ghost says:

    I am mad i missed this one

  2. G says:

    lol @ the kids in the crowd staring at her ass

  3. TAT DOW says:


  4. fusion says:

    this is what happends when your not working sitting around watching t.v

  5. semi says:

    she fell off big time

  6. New Yitty says:


    i’d still hit it.

  7. king says:

    she got a phat head to

  8. karamel_eyekandy says:

    wow that musta been weird

    Free gotta joint with Beans that is crack

  9. smooth cat says:

    lol in each pic theres someone dozing off into her ass

  10. Da Man says:

    Yeah she looks good. She was REALLY banging back in the day though. She seems to have put on a little weight but I can’t tell with that outfit if that’s just excess fat or thickness…LOL.

  11. Favre is done says:

    the best things in life are free

  12. Brown bombshell says:

    as an active member of the “thick girlz” crew, the older you get, its hard to stay the same size, and when you are shorter 10lbs isnt anything to gain and lose. I always noticed with her she, would look smaller sometimes, sometimes thicker – I am the same way.. Its hard.

  13. Frankie says:

    YA’LL NIGZ ARE CRAZY.. That ass is even better now dawg. LOOK AT THAT MASSIVE ASS.. DAMNNNNN. A nigga can’t even type right looking at that phat ass. Can you imagine that Mammal in a doggy style position? FORGET ABOUT IT.

  14. made in da sly says:

    Yo, free is a goddess!!!!!!!!!!me & free would spend most of our time in bed! & I can understand girls hattin but dudes I guess y’all like guys such homo’s!!!!!

  15. Natasha Love says:

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit id still hit 2. Shorty gained a lil no doubt about that but that shit is oh so sexi and she definitely can get it..

  16. Jersey_Diamond says:

    Im a chick, and Free looks good. Its not like she got mad weight and its not in proportion. I aint neva met a dude that liked no boney chicks anyway

  17. sugerbear says:

    are these old pics if not hell she is 42yrs old she is still sexy as hell

  18. BigHRD2 says:

    Free still look fine

  19. Mrinjun says:

    Dang!! What happened?

    Too much doggie style or did she do the Nicki Manoj butt upgrade?

    Still cute though.

  20. thickness says:


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