Facetime Face Off: Brittany Dailey vs Brittany Colombo

· January 9, 2013


We have a battle of the Brittany’s.. The first ever Facetime Face Off featuring Brittany Dailey vs Brittany Colombo. Who do you think won this match?








 Brittany Dailey 



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  1. Playboy69 says:

    Brittany Columbo WINS!

  2. Williedynamite says:

    Brittany Dailey… I ain’t feelin that other chick

  3. Mike Lowrey says:

    This is a tuff one from the neck up. Brittany Colombo has a slight advantage in the face but Brittany Daily has prettier eyes. Ima roll wit Brittany Daily she a got a lil more sex appeal to me.

  4. Tresan says:


  5. Brittany dailey got that “squat power” LOL

  6. President Ward says:

    Brittany strong AF!!!!

  7. BullnBearHP says:

    Brittany Columbo

  8. BzB says:

    choosing between the two is like flipping a double headed coin. either way you gonna win.

  9. Big ALbert says:

    Both are gorgeous. Dailey has.stronger features and I think.she has a cute nose. Colombo has softer features and nicer eyes.

    This is tough but I’m ridin’ with Brittany Colombo.

  10. damnshame says:

    Colombo all day baby…

  11. Ricospella says:

    ill take colombo cuz dailey is one stuck up b1tch on twitter

  12. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    Both are gorgeous as heck but Colombo wins..she has nicer features.

  13. ginoBrown says:


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