We have a battle of the Brittany’s.. The first ever Facetime Face Off featuring Brittany Dailey vs Brittany Colombo. Who do you think won this match?




 Brittany Dailey 

  • Playboy69

    Brittany Columbo WINS!

    • Yeah I agree

      • President Ward


    • crabapples


      • Mister Mister

        I’m with the gentlemen above

  • Williedynamite

    Brittany Dailey… I ain’t feelin that other chick

  • Mike Lowrey

    This is a tuff one from the neck up. Brittany Colombo has a slight advantage in the face but Brittany Daily has prettier eyes. Ima roll wit Brittany Daily she a got a lil more sex appeal to me.

  • Tresan


  • Brittany dailey got that “squat power” LOL

    • Meant to say she squats twice as much as me. They must be those Hollywood on set weights.

      • @hahz, they gotta be LOL. She squatting waaaaaaay more than me too hahz. But seeing that she’s not even using a weightbar cushion for her neck/shoulders while squatting makes me say “gtfoh” LOL. No way with all that weight…no way LOL

        • President Ward

          I think she’s that strong…lol

        • crabapples

          8 plates? cmon… even 4 plates would be a stretch for her skinny azz.

        • joe

          yeah it aint no way. I she lifting this weight she’d look more like serena’s deisel ass and she’s be able to scoop you up and manhandle you. not buying it.

          • joe

            She’d have a sh%t stain all over her paints lifting this if it was real.

      • youknowit

        They are bumper plates used for things like olympic lifting and crossfit, they are the same size as standard 45 pound weights but they are the same diameter. The 10 lb, 25 lb, and 45 lb are all the same size but weigh differently. She is probably lifting like 85 pounds total.

    • BzB

      ain’t no way those plates are 45s. her legs ain’t thick enough to be squatting that.

      • hehe

        look at a video on youtube of allison felex lifting weight

    • jigwig21

      Hell nah, thats them Cross Fit weights. Them shits weigh like 10 pounds each. Cross Fit workouts kick ya a$$ tho but not on no Heman type shit.

  • President Ward

    Brittany strong AF!!!!

  • BullnBearHP

    Brittany Columbo

  • BzB

    choosing between the two is like flipping a double headed coin. either way you gonna win.

    • Mike Lowrey


  • Big ALbert

    Both are gorgeous. Dailey has.stronger features and I think.she has a cute nose. Colombo has softer features and nicer eyes.

    This is tough but I’m ridin’ with Brittany Colombo.

  • damnshame

    Colombo all day baby…

  • Ricospella

    ill take colombo cuz dailey is one stuck up b1tch on twitter


    Both are gorgeous as heck but Colombo wins..she has nicer features.

  • ginoBrown