Eva Andressa Is Super Fit (Pics + Video)

· February 13, 2012

Check out fitness model Eva Andressa Vieira workout video and photoshoot pictures inside. Fellas is she to fit or just right?

Website: http://www.eva-andressa.com/

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  1. 850 says:

    If she was born a woman then count me in!!!!!

    • 850 says:

      She’s just right in my books. I know a lot of cats thinks she’s too manly. But if a cat is hitting the gym then he should be straight with this.

    • PayDayRay says:

      If you gotta to question if she was born a woman why even go there.

    • crabs says:

      850 i’m on this like stink on doo doo. looks real good to me. i’m not hittin the gym like i need to, but i will definitely get my squat and abs game up when hanging with Eva.

      • 850 says:

        @Crabs yeah man this chick here is gutta. She looks nice in the face and I know the accent will seal the deal. She’s sexy and beautiful u can’t beat this.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      ((pause)) on 850. Lol, if I gotta wonder then I’ll just move on to the next one. I’m just messin with u man

      • 850 says:

        Moore wassup with you Mr.Secret Moneii lol. you good fam. What’s it like in Detroit right now? I hope y’all don’t beat up on another grandmother @ chuckee cheese lol.

        • MoorFedayeen says:

          Nine ppl got shot in 3 separate incidents yesterday. Other then that our winter has been mild. Far as the Chucky Cheese thing I heard about it but I kinda didn’t. I don’t watch the news because I feel they got it our for this city. We ain’t that bad. But I don’t live in the city no more. Not too safe for YGM

  2. Shaunyc says:

    Not overboard at all… Im feeling her…

  3. queso BP.1 says:

    Nah I’m good…don’t like them hard bodies…I need something soft n jiggling bouncing off me.

  4. trap101 says:

    U hack into my computer or something Hahz and start going through my hard drive? U been putting up a few Brazilian fitness models that I been scoping for a mintue now, just didn’t think they’d be posted here since some of the cats here are scared of girl in shape. Especially them #TeamChoc boys, u know they need their cellulite in large amounts.

    • crabs says:

      @trap you’re right about that, those #teamchoke cats are afraid of a woman who hits the gym and takes care of herself, prolly because they all rock potbellies from all that keystone light lol

      • 850 says:

        @Crabs & Trapezoid………Now hold up i’m a Tc member and I like what i’m seeing. I love a fit woman I’ll take this over a female that will pay a Dr. To build her body up for attention. So stack it like you like it lol.

        • trap101 says:

          I don’t know why you still claim that loser team there @850, you got love for women of all shades, u need to come to a place where ur political stance is the same as everybody else.

    • @trap, *toofunny voice*..”yeah where’s precious & monique”..LOL

    • BzB says:

      @trap..she’s more than just ‘in shape’ but i hear what you’re saying. sometimes a dude can be intimidated by a work out chick. probably more so when they’re not comfortable with their own physique.

      i’d bet she’s probably not that cut up most of the time though. that said, i’d crash!

      imagine how vicious her kegel game is.

  5. jamar says:

    love a woman that takes care of herself…she will age better than a lazy chick with a big huge booty.


    I guess I’d pop her off y not,she’s tite

  7. Chi Capitan says:


  8. Ez Deezy says:

    Man shoulders

  9. TYBO2020 says:


  10. BigBlackDude says:

    I’m digging up all in that muscular poosy!, fa show!

  11. BigBlackDude says:

    Niccas just intimidated by a muscular broad!

  12. Red Of teamchocolate says:

    was born Evan

  13. Ez Deezy says:

    Some of yall must like men on the low

  14. Playboy69 says:

    She can get the BUSINESS!…She is Smash material

  15. Greg4422 says:

    I need to see her birth certificate, just saying!

  16. realtalkldn says:

    nice body but she tooo muscular so im good

  17. bigweezie says:

    She can skull me up fasho.

  18. lonestar playa says:

    she a woman fellaz. just a well toned sexy one

  19. malim says:

    She’s good if I need a female(I think)body guard. I don’t so she ain’t; Pass

  20. Goose220 says:

    I’m all in!

  21. Prime706 says:

    I like u can’t beat a chick that in the gym cause I’m in the gym 5 days a week nothing better than a girl in the gym.

  22. wobeli says:

    Oh yeah I’d holla

  23. uptownrae says:

    she bad azzz shit …..point blank

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