For a second straight week, an opposing receiver scored a touchdown and stole Victor Cruz’s once-signature salsa celebration dance. This time, it was DeSean Jackson, who caught a five-yard TD in the fourth quarter to seal the game, then mocked Cruz’s TD dance.

He insisted that it was nothing personal with Cruz, either.

“My friends told me to do that, some friends who didn’t really like the dance,” said Jackson, according to “Me and him (Cruz) are great friends. Nothing towards him, just something to pay homage to my friends for wanting me to do that.”

Giants, how’s that 0-5 start feeling about now?

Via Bleacher Report

  • At this point everybody can clown the giants smh.

    #didnt see this coming

  • jp

    last time i checked Cruz got a super bowl ring. Half the cats that do his dance don’t have one !