Donk Of The Day: Sweet Lea Lea (Pics + Video)

· March 20, 2012

Sweet Lea Lea got a donk you can see coming from the front. I can’t cosign the authenticity of her donk but I will cosign that she has one. The first 30 seconds of starring at her body in person would feel like time stopped. Thoughts?


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  1. too_funny says:

    Damn … TeamChocolate representative. she’ll leave that dark chocolate after in your mouth after eating her snacks

    • Well if u have an after taste from going down on a chick then….both of u have stds lmao!! What type of funky girls u been with @toofunny??? @toofunny aka rotten tongue lmao!!!

      • 850 says:

        @B-strait lmao that was funny!!!!!! damn I can’t stop myself from laughing.

        • prince_kosmic says:

          This might sound mean, but this is just another big booty tatted up stripper. Is she trying to model or just be seen by more people? She fine though. 8 score

          • Tony Money says:

            she was a 8 to me too but after seeing her worldstar video on that day she went to a 12 got damn that girl can move her body.

  2. MoorFedayeen says:

    Oh I remember her Hahz. She all TeamChoco and she gotta have the softest back of em all. Hit em with that gif that she did in the kitchen. I chose her over Buddies or Noni. I know you’ve seen it. She been MIA

  3. CJ The Prince says:

    She has got a cute face, great body smile and skin tone. She kinda lost me with all the tats. I’ll still take it down though. She look gorgeous in pic 5 and 6

  4. WHO IS REX??????? says:


    • queso BP.1 says:

      Nah kid u smash and keep it moving…or hey smash it on occasions if u want..somebody wanna pull a Tyga that’s on them.

      • WHO IS REX??????? says:

        and 1,queso

        • 850 says:

          @Rex & Queso fellas I respect the opinions and statements. But Rex & Queso i’m willing to bet you both my entire paycheck that this chick will have you guys taking her home to meet the family. She know how to work that azz and she’s chocolate so I know for a fact that her moist blessings are greeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttt!!!!!!!! So don’t knock ur comment yet fella’s until you’ve went a few rounds with her. Then make ur decision afterwards. Me I’ll take her to the family quick.

  5. MoorFedayeen says:

    She changed her name because Hahz posted her way back so she should have related vids and I ain’t feeling the tatts either. Believe it or not but her body use to look better then this. It’s a vid where she dressed like a maid with nothing in the back and she has no tatts oiled up. She look rattish now, but still amazing

  6. prime706 says:

    @ rex all chicks aint wifey type chicks she clearly is someone u call at 12:00 a.m. after you get off work and say i need some pu#$% so let have her tats mans u aint taking her home to meets moms i loves her ass to hip ratio.

  7. Simba says:

    Azz so phat I need a lap dance!

    The tarts are overkill though, that shit not cute nor cool.

  8. Red-Caramel City Inc. says:

    Yo I seen her video on Worldstar……..Ass Look soft as hell

  9. BWTiger007 says:

    Sweet Fresh SLAM Donk: Rock ON!!

  10. realtalkldn says:

    decent face nice bodyyy for sure

  11. DCAssLuva says:

    im tryna believe that a$$ real i seen her modeling vids when she had kandy in her name then i just seen her worldstar vid she clearly was a stripper or is

    them afro puffs nah!! lol and all them tats what is it wit women and all them tats

  12. Damn homie says:

    If it’s fake that’s the best one I seen

  13. DonkRida says:

    *Kanye west voice* Wowzers lol. Thats all I need iny life, dyme fa sho in my book, all natural

  14. crabs says:

    please tell me that azz is real. world class cakes right there, but looks too good to be true.

    look at chicap in pic 9 with the security cap on tryin to audition for bodyguard.

  15. JOE says:

    Her body, skin color, face-BEAUTIFUL. She is ON POINT. but she look like she payed my two year old son to doodle all over her with a tattoo machine. Really. A little overboard. Expecially with such a Sexy body and skin tone. WTF.

  16. treydarealest1 says:

    i think this @850 girl he put up the one that got the small frame with the donk

  17. blackandmild says:

    she bad without the tat she could be #1 on my list

  18. Cold and Hot says:

    Flat tight stomach, nice donk, nice skin tone, only issue is the tats, I be tellin these chicks they don’t need all them tats. But she can get it indeed!

  19. matt smith says:

    cute, nice body,damn ladies all them tats unattractive, ridilculous

  20. sweetlealea says:

    Lol thank you all for your good and bad comments… Opinions are truly what make this world go round… I dare not try to please any one but myself because I wont be able to please you all… Thanks to Atlnightspots for the space… Wish all of you a very blessed life and I would desire that you all wish the same for me…

    • presto 2.0 says:

      we do ma…you are truly blessed…and it seems you passed the world famous ANS Stage Test…many have embraced us with their “assets”…and fell short of ANS Standards…but with a body made for grown men…and a smile that’ll get you blackcard access…you are add to the most prestigous,most imitated but never duplicated BP Corp…”Where Beauty is a Standard”…Chocolate Division…Congrats Ma!

      Bp…”where we bring a thunderstorms to strip clubs”

      TeamChoco…”a drought where ever they go…”

      • 850 says:

        Sweetlealea: Thank you for the pics. Just make sure you drop some on us on aregular basis. I loved the video u dropped on WSHH please drop another one. And if possible please do one fully nude good gosh of my u have a nice body with a beautiful face to match. Team Chocolate loves you ma.

    • tone says:

      True that lil lady. You have a beautiful body

  21. TYBO2020 says:


  22. 313Deuce says:

    after seeing that vid on worldstarhiphop wit her. She can twerk better than the twerk team.

  23. SupremeJuan says:

    I am on patrol for a chocoate woman like this , that gives me 100% cooperation. To bad so many sista’s that look like this are either attention hoes ,strippers, baby momma’s,materalistic and or are mentally jacked up. But she is bad as hell , I give her 2 thumbs up and yes I will quickly give her that balls deep treatment!?

    • trill recognize trill says:

      You are a idiot bruh.. really. Do you realize how many black women are in college and make 6 figures compared to brothas. You a fool if you believe that b*llshit you typed. And plus it aint got sh*t to do with this.

  24. jmoney says:

    one of memphis finest…

  25. sweetlealea says:

    lol some of you are funny, some are unnecessarily harsh about me and you don’t really know me. Everyone assumes that if she dances she is a whore. If she is in the limelight she asked for it or sought it out. Smh… Gotta love free promo..However let’s clear something up. I don’t go to school in Stl, i am a political science major in Memphis tn… Yes believe it or not my ass is mine. Again i do appreciate all the hoopla about lil ole me… Be blessed and wish the same for me… All of this is very interesting and entertaining.

    • Fantasygirl says:

      I had to respond to this when I saw it. I agree with you, and you owe no one an explanation. People automatically assume about certain women all the time right off the bat. Like “Look at this sista, she’s a whore, a babymama, gotta be a stripper, gotta be a golddigger, gotta be this and that” but overall she can just be a cool laid back person who’s has her head on right, intelligent and successful. Still can’t believe people are judging books by their cover instead of getting to know what’s on the inside.

    • BIG TOO says:

      my fault lea,i thought u went to school in STL,i know u don’t remember,but i saw u at the north county recreation center out on redman road about two summer’s ago

    • D'mage says:

      D@m the hoopla, more money shotz please…

    • trill recognize trill says:

      girl listen, if you are a student thats fine.. But you lying if you say you don’t sell p*ssy on the side.

  26. KeepinItReal says:

    Lil mama knows her ass is NOT REAL. I went to school witH her. She already had azz & got enhancements. Not real! Looks good & am no hater but it’s not real! She let’s you touch & the whole nine. But she had a nice figure to begin with which is why my man up top said it looked better. Another Pebblz from Memphis with that big ass! She was passed around when she was LeaKandy. She too ratchet but I’d smash!

  27. visio says:

    Just another booty girl next door with ridiculous tats

  28. IF_inc says:

    I met her in East STL. and instantly fell in love. I wanted to take her back home to the CHI. And her…. assests was ohhhhhh soooooooo SOFT!

  29. trill recognize trill says:

    any nigga who say she ugly you gay… period. All this skin color shit is stupid as hell. The baddest chicks i ever seen in my life was brownskin chocolate… im talkin body,face,hair,nails,toes,outfit everything on point. I can tell none yall niggas get no hoes in real life..all yall do is sit on the internet jackin your d1ck off.

  30. pimpin mane says:

    Me and my nigga ran a train on her about 8yrs ago.
    Pussy was good too. I went back and solo’d that ass
    while her cousin was in the bed with us. She was fat
    so I ain’t hit her.

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