Amoure Deon AKA Amoure Dole Deonmou dancing to Travis Porter “Cake” at a video shoot. She looks like a bundle of Joy with that donk she got.More pics of her HERE.What do you think of Amoure?

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  • too funny

    she is my true definition of P.H.A.T.

    Pretty Hipps A@@ & Thighs

    she fine as hell

  • The Truth

    She is ok and just that. I mean lets be real for a sec; if you take away the heels, how fat is her ass really? She has an average face and thick thighs, girls like this come a dime a dozen. I’m not hating just tired of women making it seem like that have a fat “A” with 6 inch heels on and a tight dress that holds up their ass.

    • Crab Apples


      • Samanosuke

        I second that cosign! Nothing special here folks, just tats and bullet holes… keep it movin.

        • Tank

          Imma third cosigner.

  • daaammn! Yo hahz this chick here is a banger! Decent face,ass & tits,plus she thick wit it too. In the video she says “i always been thick”,big tigger voice: OKAAY! Thumbs up lady,strait up! Keep bringin the fresh faces hahz,me likey lol. Thepack!

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      yea, B, this is what I’m talkin bout…..some fresh meat! I approve!

      • bighomie53

        YES SIR…@B strait up & @F.B.I. we need more pics & videos of her cute lil thick ass!!! That was definitely refreshing new face small waist plus she stacked TOP & BOTTOM, i know somebody had fun when they tatted that star on her basketball booty!!!!! SMASH *CHI-TOWN*

        • too funny

          she is truly fresh meat, I googled her and found youtube videos and what Hahz posted.

          • too funny

            @Moor, wassup bruh I figured it was gonna take a fresh face to bring you back from vacation.

            I’m about to put out a Amber Alert on 850, hahahaha

          • MoorFedayeen

            lol yeah Too Funny, I been MIA for a sec so I’m catching up on the past post. The baby boy will be here on the 30th of this month….and I still don’t have a name for him.

          • too funny

            Congrats on the baby boy, homie. Yeah, names are easy but hard trying to pick one. If this is your 1st boy you gotta name him after you.

            I figured you’d show face by Sunday, so I was giving you a couple more day of being absent without an excuse, hahahaha.

        • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

          hey bighomie! Not as much fun as the dude who gets to see that star when he is smashing that basketball booty….wish it was me. lol

          • MoorFedayeen

            Aint nothing like fresh faces. I’ve never seen this girl, period, and I must say she good all across the board. She don’t look like she know what to do with it though. Laser that tatt off-I’ll pay.

  • Man in my opinion she a typical hood chick wit a phatass I’ve seen waaaay better on here fellas we gotta stop given avg chix dime an platinum status cuz it only inflate their egos SHE AIIIGHT

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      now who is hard to please, Rex?

    • too funny

      @Rex, she might be your typical hood chic but this is m flavor of wine right here. But not one person said she was a dime.

      if you line up a thousand women, not one of us would agree on who are the dimes.

      • @ FBI and too funny,yeah I can be hard to please to I can’t lie and yea nobody said she was a dime but u know as well as I do that guys will sumtime give chics more dap than they deserved I just hoping that this is not the case wit her but both of ur points r well takin TO EACH HIS OWN

        • too funny

          @Rex, I dig where you coming from on gasin the womens ego we all know that happens 9 times out of 10. When looking for dimes or perfection, that is one area that is hard please for most of us no matter what our prefernce is.

  • Jimmy89

    face is ok but that ass is something special. nice!!!!

  • ed

    I don’t think the pics and videos do her any justice. She need better more professional stuff than that amateur hour photo shoot video..not even good enough for Model Mayhem..

  • real nice i like pic 4 an 5

  • mr.portcity


  • D’mage’

    Sure would take the place of a state fair candy apple….(d@m shawty thick)

  • Tim

    Butt and Gut!

  • no hate

    YES, that left cheek WAS the star of the shot.

  • Just another ratchet with a fat ass $100 is all u need for that. Smashable @

  • seriously?

    If I’m not mistaken. She gets injections too. She just isn’t over the top with it. When she is bent over you can see the injection marks. She has one on either side and that’s where they typically inject leaving those same scars.

  • t-tyme

    cute face, nice body!!!

  • PAC

    Yes typical hood cutie with a booty. I think she’s a sleeper though. One of those when you first see her your like OK not bad then the more she come around you start really noticing her. Like hold up she kinda got it going on a little. She’s not a dime but she’s no lower than a 7.

  • She’s volumptuous…I like. PEACE!!!

  • Cold and Hot

    Nice!!! I’ll have fun with her ass.

  • shomariwhit31

    Hood chic or not thats nice.

  • Will

    Wow…I’m actually surprised this girl got this much love…must mean we really are thristy for some new faces cuz she not our typical “donk” of the day candidate…her ass is decent but nowhere on the level as the usual (especially in high heels)…even “too funny” gave her props without using the term “ass-model”…lol…whassup wid dat, too funny????

  • Ali

    NOthing special. It’s already been said. You can put me in 6 inch heels and my ass would look fat. Other than that, she just the chick round da block like erbody else. Stop pumpin des women head up so fast damn. NO erone of dem a 10 b/c dey on herr

    • D’mage’

      What u like RED bottomz, i gotcha baby……(shhhhhh don’t tell nobody)

  • Torres, M

    If i was in the D i’d toss her a few dollars at the strip club. Shorty nice. Hood most def.

  • ginoBrown

    She pretty an she thick, an even tho she a stripper she seem kinda shy in dat video…i like dat.

  • mobboss

    damn this Woman is a good way. sexy bad. Dig