Dolly Sweets “Stupid Hoe” Dance Video

· January 29, 2012

It’s going to be hard for vixen Dolly Sweets to follow up The Twerk team twerking to Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” single. Dolly Sweets is looking like a Blac Chyna doll in the face,I’m feeling the video. Thoughts?

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  1. Yeah she got what it takes!Not a thicky but smashable

  2. I would’ve pushed her right on that bed & smashed

  3. queso BP.1 says:

    @Hahz u know this shit right up my alley-LOL…she got that jello jiggle going it!

  4. says:

    Nice video. Now, do all these beautiful potential mothers realize they are competing for the title “Super H++”? That’s why women can never claim a double standard.

  5. LouieV says:

    I seen this but she look like a regular hood rat to me. I’m still waxing.

  6. Big AL says:

    Nah Hahz she prettier then Blac Chyna in the face but overrall she just ok.

  7. Big AL says:

    I think I’ve seen her before. Is this her in this vid???

  8. prime706 says:

    she needs to take that shit off her face. she worth smashing booty kinda flat but i would hit it.

  9. Shawty phat says:

    o lord another twerker lol everybody wanna b the twerkteam or just wanna twerk on youtube we only need one group and dats mizz twerksum & lady l (no homo)

  10. sohated313 says:

    Why cant she compete with twerk team:’???? She a banger! Better yet, she should replace the chick with the short hair on twerk team, and make the group legendary!

  11. still118 says:

    dolly sweet, minaj wack…OMG!

  12. wobeli says:

    I’m feelin her look, she’s a beauty. Nice wobble also.

  13. bigweezie says:

    Nice video. Smashable fosho

  14. Deedog says:

    She smasable

  15. Chi Capitan says:


  16. d says:

    yea thats her azz on that daily motion clips….lol..she a lil thick somtin, but need to get rid of those damn piercings off her face…

  17. Infamous says:

    WTF is wrong with U cats. This shlt is “stupid whack” and she’s just average. I must be looking at a different video cuz it’s “stupid lame.”

    • crabs says:

      i agree. this is some amaterurish sh1t and she mos def cant see mz twerksum… but i’d still smash the daylights out of her!

      but she dont look anything like blac chyna. its as though shes trying to be blac chyna with the cz’s in her cheeks and the same hairstyle.

  18. D'mage says:

    Not bad, a more comfortable setting and I think her performance would’ov been better…(like she snuck and did this video=performance?)

  19. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    I’ll smash her for sure.

  20. bwilli215 says:

    Question, these twerk team girls are aspiring stripper/groupie hoes? Or what? Just wondering. But mizztwerksum can dance for real, but i wouldnt f*** her. Something just isn’t right about those girls. Lol id need to see some papers before I put my face in any of that lol

  21. sammo says:

    she could definitely get it

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