Colin Kaepernick New Girlfriend Micha Auzenne Is A PYT

· October 21, 2013



NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is currently dating a track and field star from Arizona State University named Micha Auzeene. And… the 18-year-old PYT is a San Francisco 49ers fan!  Apparently, 18-year-old Auzeene grew up in the Bay area and graduated from Saint Francis High School in 2013. Check out the young beauty’s track and field stats here.

And she’s a 49ers fan… She’s known as paradiseblend_ on Instagram.


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  1. jamarxyz says:

    told yall he wasnt gonna be with that older chick too long…c’mon man,its a young QB.

    • BzB says:

      i don’t think he was ever “with” that other chick. i saw it as one of those rumors that started just because they took a pic together. didn’t mean they were dating though.

      this one is a cutie though. who knows whether they are actually together or just “good friends” aka beatin it up.

  2. MoorThugRelated says:

    I’d prob take her Asian friend first.

  3. Big ALbert says:

    She aite I guess.

  4. Camaro434 says:

    “Only 21 and older let another nigga mold her.”

  5. joe says:

    she’s fine. But 18??!!! c’mon man. I realize he might not be MUCH older but just like Camaro434 said the rap. 18 years old you still fathering her and she gon’ resent that but hey?

  6. Thtgurl says:

    Micha is ma cuzin so get it straight shes datin Colin!!

  7. A Rogers says:

    I really don’t think he’s with this chic…I actually think she posted it trying to be messy…Its funny that Monica Hargrove (who he’s allegedly been kicking it with since around April) posted a picture on her Instagram of herself at the 49ers game the day before this picture posted…then her manager posted pictures of her with Colin at a Restaurant in Nashville after the game…but this is expected for an 18 yr old…

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