Club Pictures Of The Day : Lil Kim & Kimbella

· October 17, 2010

Kimbella celebrated her birthday party last week with Juelz,Lil kim and Loyd Banks at Perfections night club. Juelz’ baby moms Kimbella bounced back quick she has her stomach out and you can’t even tell she just had a baby. Propz to whatspoppin

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Discussion5 Comments

  1. Thekokka says:

    didnt she just have a baby

  2. TruDat says:

    hoodrat central. All aboard. LOL

  3. Jfizzle says:

    Damn Kim got the titties out, that girl must really have had bad self esteem cause she done did a job on herself

  4. Daspanishfly17 says:

    kim look like a ugly version of plastic barbie, it feel like if you touch she’ll melt lol but her body is lookin tight !! and blondie is lookin type nice too

  5. john says:

    considering you can see the line down her stomach from her recent nip and tuck i would hope her stomach would be flat since she paid for it, but why wear a belly shirt when u can see the fix clearly???

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