Brianna’s career started with her work in a strip club in 2006. She subsequently did a strip tease and uploaded it to Youtube as a joke one day in late 2006. The strip tease ended up getting to the right people in the right places and Brianna begin receiving emails from many different companies asking her to do a strip tease for their websites.Wiki


  • maestro4983

    1st bitches

  • landLORD

    Lazytown >. Run This Town


    Very attractive, Nice body, 4 thumbs up!!

  • bigdaddycesar

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    • Nah,whats that account?

  • john g

    Overall she is a sexy bitch. If you look just at her face, she looks like a cross between Mariah Carey and a Ninja Turtle.

  • 4REAL

    Nice video. She’s a freak n da sheets!!

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