I don’t care if you got a flat tire,spilled your lunch on your work shirt or got yelled out by your boss for being late to work this morning these Bria Myles bikini pictures will turn your frown upside down. Some times it’s the littlest things that can make your day complete. I am sure who ever was on that beach during this Bria Myles photo shoot with Indo had a kool aid smile on their face. Thoughts?

Bria Myles In A Bikini
Bria Myles In A Bikini

  • TacCity

    Nice!! Bria’s got to be top 10


      Maaaan I will most def hit that chocolate azz,and become a part of team chocolate just for 1 day tho lol..

    • Mitchrapp

      Yeah but she always have a goofy ass look on her face though. Can pass on the ass but sexy Solei is the biz FOR SURE.

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  • lnfamous

    Magnificent!! [<–stands up and gives a round of applause]

  • ?unknown?

    God is great! Thats all imma say!

  • So r the Bikini pics old or new??? Becuz she don’t have her azz like she used to anymore…..look at the first pic(no hate). Still smash her and pull all that weave out LOL

    • lnfamous

      Check again fam, Bria is BACK… agreed, not like version 1 but version 3 is new and improved!!

    • queso

      feelin that 2nd pic wit the lil side view of the cat! Love her smile always did.

      • I agree queso about her smile

      • presto

        yeah…Bria lookin betta in the face 4sho!…”and we all kno she lose’n too much…but i aint gonna go @TEAM WHATSA NAMES…and go cry baby…lmfao!…she str8…Jernie,Brazil,Tia,Sultry…passed her a few months back doe!”….lol

        • 850

          Bp corp lol I got my Chevy Dooley on the way. I’m fix in to pull ya’ll poor ass hut down for not paying up on time. Bria still got it I see. Hahz ur right this made my day wonderful. Y’all know this was my number 1 girl. She dropped a spot or two. But She need to produce more pics so she climb back to her original spot. #1 that is lol.

          • trap101

            BP Corp!!! Lol.

  • PayDayRay

    She’s back if those are new pics.

  • Cold and Hot

    **wipes forehead like T.D. Jakes** Gawd is goowd!

  • nice!

  • Look @toofunny all dressed up in pic#1 LOL

  • tone

    Cold always liked bria

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    Skin Just Look So Damn Good…………#teamchocolate

    I Would Drink Milk off her stomach……

    Ya’ll don’t understand how much I like Bria’s chocolate ass

    • 850

      I understand red. between her and Lastarya, those to were my first loves when I got on ANS. They still is.

      • I’ll eat it the first night

        • lol @ first night

        • I AM REX BROTHASOUL!!!!

          huh???donkrida,c’mon son “WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THAT”??????lol….

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    I think I love her

  • O

    She’s my wife. She just doesn’t know it yet. She bad.

  • TYBO2020


    • Playboy69

      @TYBO2020…Not even Course!…BRIA MYLES >>>>> Portia “TIPDRILL” Jenkins!…BRIA MYLES WINS!

      • azzman

        I think they both are beauties. but 1 doesnt top they other

        • Playboy69

          @azzman…Bria Myles is a DIMEPIECE!…Portia is not!

  • Playboy69

    “BRIA MYLES VOICE” ….Fuck Maliah Michel Phat Lying OVERRATED ASS. I Will go SO L.A. ON HER ASS!…I will “HIT EM UP”like 2PAC diss BIGGIE!…WESTSIDE!…LOL!

  • @ Daffy Duck Pic…… “THAT SHIT CRAY”……lmao

    • @a55, that’s how hoes look when Bria enter the building. Confused than a muf***er

  • Ricky Fontaine

    YESS!! I love a sexi chocolate sista!!

  • Chi Capitan

    Dime as usual

  • Cutta

    She may have the meanest hips in the game.

  • realtalkldn

    gorgeous woman

  • Love of my life.

  • wtf?

    damn portia name all through this one to do you people talk about anthing other portia??? portia winning because yall cant help but bring her up or talk shit about her only on atl night spots

  • azzman

    she is looking damn good

  • Wow! Bria is still one of the hottest ebony chicks out there..gotta love here…

  • Bria u r the best!

  • bria keep up the good work you are hot and im hot for you

  • bria keep up the good work youare hot iam hotfor you