Atlnightspots salutes Atl’s finest looking skrippers. Kimmie Stephens is coming up next to the stage.. You can see a lot more pictures of Kimmie in the message board here.

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  • She’s another slim-sexy…not bad. PEACE!!!

    • Macon,Ga

      Look at the real aykimmie Stephens in the Bibb County Jail.

  • Haze

    I give her 6.5 body is on point
    But she a stripper and her face doesnt do much for me so majro deduction!

  • strait up,i would watch her dance so I guess it’s a thumbs up as far as strippers go lol. The hair sucks(typical weave) and the video was lame as hell. Was she really practicing her runway walk at a gas station lol,strait up! “wolfpack” “chitown”

  • BigBlackDude

    She is truly an average ATL stripper! Nothing that really stands out…

    • MoorFedayeen

      Average or even stereotypical of a stripper. I don’t like the strippers that I might run into at the grocery store and right away know what they do for a living. That blond hair says it all. She get a 7

      • MoorFedayeen

        …but she wouldn’t get a dollar from me unless that’s all she wanted for a dance. ATL may be the capital for this stuff but the strippers lookin real weak. I could hit a hole in the wall like the “Booby Trap” here in Detroit and see something much better. Why?

      • ThatDude

        7? really…takes a second look…ok..that a$$ is what gets it

        • Will

          Now you know there ain’t no black chicks in the “Booby Trap”!!! Course its closed anyway, now….making it into a Starvin’ Marvin stripclub….

          • MoorFedayeen

            Well it’s been years since I been but every white strip club has a few blacks in it and for that reason the few they have MUST be extra tight. Makes sense right? I think I got the clubs mixed up though. Which one is that on 8 Mile just east of I-75 closer to Schoener?

            Ps my dude had a champagne drop top Vette like that all the way back in 2001. fAIL

  • Cold and hot

    Damn she little but she got some back on her, where they making these at? Lol, now she gotta get that pink and blonde shit out of her head and she’ll be official.(praying her ass ain’t fake)

  • trap101

    aww this is the one i passed on on thursday cuz u could see we’re dealing with a fake lower half.

  • TruDat

    Nothing to write home to dad about. LOL

    One Love

  • jfizzle

    She got a mean walk in them jeans damn!!

  • Just saying

    This hoe should skip stripping and go straight to porn where she can really make a name for herself good and plenty fast.

    Just saying

  • Tim

    I thought that ATL had the bomb ass strippers. I can go into some of the less keep clubs here in Bmore and find a host of bad and thick chicks. She reminds me of one of those porn stars.

    Some of these chicks I have seen so far are averaged with fake asses and tits.

    • Will

      Don’t sleep on the ATL!!! Its just that most of the strippers posted work at the “higher” end clubs…they have just as many hood and hole-in-the-wallstrip clubs, too, where you will find plenty of regular looking chicks just like in the B-More area…

      • MoorFedayeen

        That’s what we sayin! Even in a hole, you gonna see something that’s gonna make ya jaw drop. I guess in ATL the game is diluded with a bunch of wannabes cause this is becoming a trend. Like that girl that was in a Maliah post a week back. I still got a bad taste in my mouth from that one. Yuck 🙁

        • Will

          Well, there are definitely some jaw-droppers…I just did a trip thru ATL a few weeks back and they still holding it down…and I go all over the city…after being in my hometown (detroit), chicago, philly, miami, dc, b-more, etc, I STILL come thru here to sample the scrippers!!! Don’t get me wrong, cuz there is def some fake bootys in the house but some these booty jobs ain’t that bad if done right!

          @Moor…there a bunch of clubs on 8mile…the only 2 thats really “black” club is Allstars and Hot Tamales…Allstars is closed for a year…but you right in there always being at least 1 or 2 black girls in the white clubs, but I won’t go just to peep that!

      • Tim

        True, you can’t sleep on the nite scene in any city. Not to say Bmore don’t have plain Jane’s up in the Stripper Clubs too, but they just plain. Some of these broads take it a bit too far. Example A, chick above.

        @Will, I will give you prompts for saying that even in most high end clubs with the baddest chicks sometimes their pictures don’t get out there.

  • tone

    She looks like fun i would hit

  • Sweer

    rr you can tell her ass is fake..3rd picture down look how skinny her legs her compared 2 her ass

  • canarsieee

    fake ass not poppin



  • jay


  • no hate


  • ed


    No offense but the women being posted up on the blog lately are really awful and Motel-6 quality at best. Sick of the lesbun photos too because that ain’t how real cats get down. This site was cool a few years back, but damn, these photos and the quality of these ladies are straight gutter…

    I’m out…

  • 2ScoopS

    She can not get my vote for the Hall of Fame, as it looks like she uses/used performance enhancing drugs…

  • t-tyme

    nice donk on her!!!

  • Excellence404

    This girl is an escort. Me and a few of my homeboys f#$ed her. And Gucci Mane f#$%ed her too. Her ass is fake and she got her tits done last year. Just got to Kamals here in the Atl and you’ll bump into her. 1.

  • Toi

    Haters haters haters…she looks good and will live well because of it…and so f’n what if shes an escort let her get it how she lives…don’t judge it makes you look like an a**hole, not to mention jealous

  • Macon,Ga

    Look @ the real Aykimmie Stephens in Bibb County Jail.

  • wobeli

    Pretty face

  • j

    she went even larger on her fake ass…now it looks like two basketballs on sticks.(total laughing stock).she got her lips blown up and titties all @#$ked up….she looks a total mess and now she’s done two porn clips since…she aint got a clue where she’s going now.