Angela Simmons and Bow Wow were spending a lot of QT together in South Beach last weekend. After meeting Angela in person these pictures don’t do any justice on how thick her thighs/ass really is. Thoughts?

  • S6002g1

    She aight…nothing special imo.

  • diva6

    Ange is cute but very average

  • ballin73

    booooo..saggy and baggy, i see pawgs daily with more cake than that..gtfohwtbs

    • MalleG’s


  • Tony Money

    I always wanted to fuck this girl for some reason she sexy to me but not bad. her lil ass look soft as hell.

  • Angela does look like she’s getting a lil’ thicker in these pics…I like. PEACE!!!

  • ShowYAkNOW

    this chick is a damn bird and so is her sister, they both look like the lil highschool girls that live down the road 4rm me anod is it me or does bow woww look like a lil damn boy, homeboi may need to go buy some hgh

  • Dirtydee

    Nothing like a saggy nice ass