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Which celebrities enjoy gambling?


It will be fairly well-known to avid celeb-watchers out there that many of that singular breed enjoy gambling during their periods away from the limelight. While some of them are secret gamblers, others are quite open about the love they have for all kinds of betting, from casino games like poker to bingo. This piece will act as a guide to those celebrities who like to spend their downtime gambling.

Denise Van Outen

The television presenter and musical star is a bingo fanatic – regularly opting to play at halls close to her Essex home. Indeed, Van Outen, who rose to prominence back in the 1990s as a presenter on the Big Breakfast, has actually tried to get co-stars to come along with her to bingo nights during her radio show – surely she should get referral fees. Denise is no doubt a Bingo master by now but if you wish to take her on at her local bingo hall we’d definitely suggest getting some online bingo practice in first, luckily this can be done from the comfort of your own home before venturing into the bingo halls.

Tiger Woods

It may be a little hard to remember now, but at one time Tiger Woods dominated the world of golf to such an extent that it seemed inevitable that he would steal the crown from Jack Nicklaus as the most successful player in the sport’s history. Of course, Tiger may mount a comeback, but at this stage it seems like his putting has puttered out, leaving his best days behind him. Perhaps that is why he is devoting more time to his hobby of casino gambling – with blackjack being his game of choice. He is certainly no penny ante player, being rumoured to wager up to $25,000 per hand – but what else would you expect from a man caught having affairs with approximately 10,000 women.

Ben Affleck

While Tiger Woods’ love of the casino is not widely known, everyone knows about Affleck’s passion for playing poker. During the lengthy fallow period that his Hollywood acting career went through, he consoled himself with some real success at tournaments like the World Series of Poker – to be fair; a man considered by many to be among the least-expressive actors around should be a natural at this game. He has been known to win as much as $300,000 in one night.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is another one whose passion for gambling is kept fairly low-key – frankly the only thing about the former Take That singer that could ever be described in that way. When he isn’t recording, performing live or searching for evidence of alien landings Williams likes to unwind by playing bingo – with 90 ball bingo apparently his favoured version of the game. He is not alone among the Take That crew for his love of the game either, as he posted a shot of Gary Barlow playing it on his Twitter account.

Jennifer Tilly

Tilly’s acting career in Hollywood may not be hitting the heights that it did back in the 1990s, when she featured in films such as Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway and Liar Liar, with Jim Carrey – but she has carved out a new career for herself at the poker table. She is a well established tournament player, and won a bracelet at the World Series of Poker, as well as several wins in smaller tournaments. She got into the game through poker pro boyfriend Phil Laak.

As you can see, gambling is an activity that the rich and famous are just as fond of as the rest of us – although they probably have to worry less about losses.


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