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What Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Music Can Tell about Her Character


It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like music. All people have their favorite melodies and genres. According to psychologists, our preferences in music depend on our temperament, worldview, and secret desires. The same as a person’s mimics, manner of speech, and style, their taste in music can tell much about their personality. No wonder, one of the first questions people ask their new acquaintances is a question about the kind of music they listen to. When you read the online dating profiles of beautiful brides and wives, pay attention to their favorite music genres – they can tell something about women’s characters.

Pop Music

Popular songs have simple lyrics and catchy melody. Pop music can be heard from everywhere, and people listen to it when they want to rest. It can be said that this is a favorite genre of hard-working people. They need some freedom, although they may not know about it. According to psychologists, fans of pop music are extroverts. They are confident, talkative, vivacious, and positive but not creative personalities. They move with the times and like everything new.

Rap and Hip Hop

Rappers make an emphasis on the material aspect of life, expressing their emotions and feelings about that. Even the most romantic rap song will have at least one line about social status, money, respect, or business. People who prefer this kind of music observe unwritten laws and morals not in a global sense but in relation to their nearest and dearest. These people rarely break their promises. Fans of rap music know their own worth, have a high self-esteem, they are independent and generous. They also want to be heard.


Heavy guitar riffs, drums, loud emotional rendition – all these attributes of rock music are admired by emotional, sensitive, and reticent people. Contrary to popular belief that the fans of rock music are gloomy and prone to suicide personalities, they have in fact very gentle and refined character. They are creative and talented people, often with a low self-esteem. They can be lazy, but they are result-oriented.

Classical Music

People who like the sounds of violin, piano, organ, and cello are self-disciplined and organized. They want to stand out from the crowd, but they are not too obsessed with this idea. You don’t have to prove something to them – facts are the only thing they trust. Fans of classical music are usually introverts. In terms of temperament types, it’s a favorite kind of music of purely choleric people. Classical music is thought-provoking, it stimulates the work of the brain. That’s why many programmers and mathematicians are said to like listening to this music.

Electronic Music

This is the music of choice of people who want to be ahead. They like to be in the limelight. There are a lot of phlegmatic people among the fans of electronic music. They are calm, with a stable emotional state. Many people choose it for background music.

Country Music

Despite the fact that country songs tend to bemoan broken hearts, people who listen to them can boast a stable emotional state. They are also hardworking, friendly, and open.


You won’t hear indie music from everywhere, but true lovers of this genre never get tired of searching for new indie bands and artists. As to the personalities of indie music fans, they are mostly introverted, gentle, anxious, and with low self-esteem. However, they are creative, intellectual, and sensible.

Jazz and Blues

The connoisseurs of jazz are creative, sociable, very confident, kind, and extroverted people. This genre is considered to be elitist, as not everyone is able to understand and evaluate jazz songs.

This is how you can get a general idea of a person on a dating site judging from their favorite music.


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