Weebie Concert Shooting And Brawl Caught On Video at Blackmon

A wild fight broke out inside of an East Saint Louis nightclub after a performance featuring rapper Webbie, resulting in a security guard being wounded, as gunfight erupted inside the club.

According to police reports, Webbie was in town and at the nightclub when a fight broke out inside of Blackmon’s Plaza earlier this morning (April 3rd).

Over 40 State Police officers arrived on the scene after receiving calls that a huge fight was taking place inside of the club, while two additional fights were taking place outside of the club.

Police said that two security guards were attempting to control the crowd. When one of the guards used his weapon to strike one of the patrons fighting, his gun discharged, striking another security by accident.

Local police officers in East Saint Louis are outraged, according to The Belleville News-Democrat.

Only three local East Saint Louis police officers were on duty to patrol the entire city of 25,000 people, due to budgetary constraints.

During the melee at Blackmon’s, fights broke out a two other clubs, Club Flava and The Mansion.

According to Mayor Alvin L. Parks, Blackmon’s will temporarily lose its liquor license, as police investigate the incident.

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