Watch this Fake Psychic Scare Customers With a Eye-Popping Ouija Board Prank

The latest Halloween prank video is a real eye-popper.

The mischievous minds at Thinkmodo are well-known for past viral pranks such as Devil Baby and the Carrie-themed coffee shop prank. This year, they return for more screams with “Ouija Psychic Terror.”

Absolutely no story including a ouija board ends well. But, it’s hard to imagine it ending much worse than it did for these innocent Brooklynites who saw a “free” sign and stumbled in the door to be greeted by their medium, Yolanda. A medium who possesses the unusual ability to pop out her eyeballs on command. And, you better believe she popped them out to scare the living daylights out of her customers.

You may not be able to believe your eyes — or, Yolanda’s. Via Mashable


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