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Tamir Rice’s Mother on President Obama: “I Don’t Know How You Sleep at Night”


It has been a year and a half since 12-year-old Tymir Rice was fatally shot by police in Cleveland Ohio. The tragedy quickly gained momentum in national media as Tamir became the newest face among individuals slain by law enforcement.

MSNBC’s Joy-Anne Reid sat down with Samaria Rice, the victim’s mother, to discuss the nation’s current state of affairs, Black Lives Matters’ success in obtaining justice for victims, and her view on the competence of sitting politicians.

Upon being asked about President Obama’s stance on the matter of police-involved violence, her face appeared overwhelmed with disappointment as she promptly began to answer.

“President Barack Obama. I don’t know what you doing. I don’t know how you able to sleep at night and just sleep and wake up and see that another murder has happened on behalf of the government and nobody is getting any justice at The Department of Justice.”

Similar sentiments regarding the President echo throughout black communities across the nation as his statements on the matter of police brutality remain neutral.

Samaria also expressed her disappointment in Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who was a Rebublican candidate in the current presidential election. Kasich has not publically addressed police violence towards civilians despite multiple occurrences of it during his tenure as governor.


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