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“STRIPPED” the stage play comes to Atlanta July 27 – 31 @ GA TECH Ferst Center for the Arts



Saturday and Sunday matinee seats have been reduced to $25

Losing everything you have, Leaves you with all you need…

Starring: Dorsey Levens, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Ryan Stewart,Rashan Ali, Karon Joseph Riley and Ed Hartwell

Levens Communications and A Higher Calling Theatre Company, present the hot new stage play “Stripped” Wednesday July 27th, through Sunday July 31st at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center for the Arts. The partnership’s previous stage play “Torn,” opened to rave reviews last summer at Atlanta’s own 14th Street Playhouse. Following the success of the first production, “Stripped” is set to keep audiences captivated by its edgy and all too familiar storyline.

Peeling away the layers of the life of a professional football player, “Stripped,” reveals the true charge and sacrifice of being a high profile athlete. This riveting story is presented on-stage by an outstanding cast to include real life former NFL players, turned actors Dorsey Levens, Ryan Stewart, and Karon Joseph Riley.

Lisa Wu-Hartwell, who starred in the reality television series Real Atlanta Housewives’ rounds out the cast playing the wife of the star athlete. Known to many, for her bubbly and warm personality, Hartwell’s character in the play reflects her real life status as the wife of former NFL player Ed Hartwell.

“Stripped” the play opens on Wednesday July 27th and runs through Sunday July 31st. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.levenscommunications.com. Interviews are available with all cast members.

“Stripped” is sponsored in part by RC Cancer Centers, 790 the Zone, Clear Channel Outdoor and the Atlanta Business Journal.


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