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Nokia (NOK) Diversifying for Higher Profits


The giant Finnish based corporation’s vigorous drive to diversify looks set yield good returns at year end. Divisions of the firm are all performing optimally. They are actively releasing products that are in line with technological trends. The executives at the company have set company of a path that embraces the future. Not only embrace it but prepare the firm to be a major player. The big guy at Nokia clearly spoke about the diversification drive at a recent press conference. Rajeev Suri used the deal with HMD to show how the firm is moving away from depending on Base Band Radio sales.

HMD and Nuage Networks are two businesses aligned with Nokia that are crafting space for themselves in the market. The innovation that is at play in these outfits really makes them companies to watch. Nokia has based the growth of the company on working with start-ups offering great solutions.

HMD is a start-up that is making devices using the Nokia brand. The startup has Nokia’s Chief Executive officer on its board of directors. There are also several former Nokia executives working at the firm. Among the products unveiled by the start-up is a new-look 3310 and Nokia 6. Although both devices are receiving a lot of attention it is the New 3310 that has stolen the show.

Nuage Networks from Nokia is a Silicon Valley-based company. Their aim is to allow the world to fully utilize the cloud. Appropriately, the name of the company translates to cloud from French. This is in line with their mission to unlock the full potential of the cloud.

Financial reports from Nokia over the next couple of financial terms will make interesting read. A sure bet would be that NOK shares will continue performing well on major trading platforms. If are not that good with the figures then try online casino gambling. You can visit www.casino-mate.com for more information. Although there are higher risks the popular pass time is more fun, easier and has higher jackpots.


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