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Instagram Testing 3D Touch Ads


Instagram is experimenting with new advertisements that use the iPhone’s 3D Touch functionality. The advertisements, which are believed to be still in the testing and development phase, let customers apply added force to their clicks in order to browse between multiple photos.

Digiday’s Garett Sloane, who broke the story while citing unnamed advertising industry sources, says the move by Instagram is part of an ongoing initiative to add more e-commerce features to the platform, as well as more ways to display and interact with products. One of the main uses of the 3D Touch functionality is to quickly toggle between multiple shopping offers inside Instagram ads.

In a statement, an Instagram spokesperson told Digiday, “Mobile commerce is definitely a space we are looking at closely. However, this isn’t something we are testing at this time.” However, publications such as Adweek have called Instagram “the future of mobile and social commerce,” citing Instagram’s reach and recent addition of “Shop Now” and “Install Now” buttons.

Over the past two quarters, Instagram has become increasingly more interested in advertising and has deployed a variety of new products and ad formats for advertisers. This has caused friction with many of their users, who now get more advertising in their feeds as Instagram is used more and more for targeted ad products. Source


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