‘I can infect whomever I please’: HIV-positive woman


A woman tried to swipe a stack of frozen dinners from a Texas Walmart by threatening a store clerk with HIV, police said.

Dallas police arrested 25-year-old Diamond Lawrence Thursday after she allegedly attacked an employee in a bid to give him the virus and make off with $11 worth of stolen food.

Lawrence made it outside the store with her tiny plunder when an employee asked her to come back, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

That’s when she told the worker she had HIV and said “I can infect whomever I please,” police said.

She struck the worker and scratched his neck, attempting to draw blood and expose him to HIV, police said.

Then, she told him, “You’re welcome.”

Medics said the worker had no bloodily fluid exchange with Lawrence, meaning he’s safe from the virus.

While Wal-Mart doesn’t prosecute for stealing such a small amount of goods, Lawrence was arrested on two outstanding warrants: one for public intoxication and a second for an invalid driver’s license.

She’s being held in the Dallas County Jail on $1,500 bail.


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