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How to Master Blackjack Without Risking a Cent


Preparing for a trip to Vegas? Getting ready to take Goddess Fortuna by the hair on your next trip to Sin City? Determined to win everything you can in your favorite social casino game? Don’t want to pay anything to master the tricks and trips of one of the oldest card games still played around the world? Look no further – the internet is the perfect place to start. Blackjack is slowly becoming the most popular casino game of them all. While slot machines are always there to steal the show, blackjack is quietly taking over. This probably has to do with the fact that it is one of the few casino games you can play for long-term profit, as well as the influence planning and strategy, can have on any hand’s outcome.

Basic strategy

When you play blackjack online at All Slots Canadian Online Casino, you can have as many aides and tables around you as you wish. Using the free spreadsheets detailing every action to be taken depending on your hand and the dealer’s revealed card can truly help you play the game for profit. Using these aids is easy when you play at the All Slots but frowned upon when you are in a real life setting. So, to be a successful blackjack player in any environment, you’ll need to learn something you can play “by heart”.

This is where “basic strategy” comes in. It is a set of simple rules to follow that will help you estimate the dealer’s hand value and predict his or her actions so that you can decide what to do with your hand. While using the basic strategy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, it will help you tilt the odds in your favor enough to turn an otherwise fun game of blackjack into a fun and potentially profitable one. Even this “basic” strategy is complex enough to deserve a dedicated article, so we won’t go further this time – it has been covered by a great many articles online.

Dos and don’ts

Here are a few basics of playing blackjack:

1. Choose the right table. Blackjack tables have different sets of rules that you should know before starting to play. Try to choose the ones most favorable to you: blackjack pays 2 to 1, dealer hits on soft 17, allows you to surrender late (and recover half your bet), and with the lowest possible number of decks in play (makes the game more predictable).

2. Never take insurance. Insurance is a side bet offered by some blackjack tables, basically, a bet on the dealer’s blackjack (an Ace and a face card/ten) when an Ace is revealed. Remember, though, that the dealer has as low a chance of having a blackjack as you are (which means most of the times it won’t have one). Insurance might look like an attractive bet but it’s almost always lost.

3. Never chase your losses! Whenever you place your chips on the table, think of them as money you’ve already lost. If you do lose, never try to recover by betting more on the next hand – this is almost always a surefire way to empty your pockets early.

4. Mind your manners! It’s OK to cheer whenever you win but it’s rude to cuss and grumble when you lose. Never be rude to the dealer or the waiters – they are people doing their jobs. Remember to tip your dealers or place an occasional bet on their behalf – it is a way to recognize their effort to help you have a good time.

5. Practice makes perfect. Before sitting down at a blackjack table, practice your skills online. Avoid social games, though – there’s no guarantee that they accurately simulate the real thing. Instead, choose real online casinos, like the above-mentioned All Slots. These always have their free versions you can use to perfect your skills (the All Slots calls it “Practice mode”) with no costs involved on your part.

Last but not least, remember to have fun. After all, casino games are meant to be entertaining – don’t spoil your good time by stressing out too much about money.


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