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Game Changer! A Device That Allows You to Inhale Alcohol



Now people are going to get drunk faster than a NYE party by inhaling booze. Check out this $35 device that you’re advised not to use more than twice in one day due to its potency to get you catastrophically drunk?


It’s called the Vaportini and you can buy it for just $35 online.

According to the Daily Mail:

Released in December, the $35 Vaportini acts in a manner similar to a traditional vaporizer, heating and releasing intoxicating vapors which are breathed through a straw after being heated by a candle to 140 Fahreneheit.

Bypassing the digestive system, the Vaportini causes alcohol to be ingested directly to the bloodstream through the lungs, potentially causing dangerous levels of intoxication – especially if abused.

Normally, when a drink is taken, alcohol is absorbed 10 percent through the stomach and 85 percent in the small intestine.

The presence of food slows this process further, but when alcohol is inhaled, however, alcohol enters the lungs and goes directly into the bloodstream, causing a much more rapid and stronger buzz.

The danger of vaporized alcohol entering the bloodstream directly as opposed to the digestive system means that protective impulses – such as vomiting – are bypassed.

In fact, it is the swift infusion of alcohol to the brain that makes inhalation more addictive than regular drinking according to scientists.




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