Home Sports Floyd Mayweather to fight Andre Berto on CBS in September

Floyd Mayweather to fight Andre Berto on CBS in September


How does Floyd Mayweather Jr. bounce back from the MayPac let down?

How about by putting his next fight on network TV — free — against a very beatable opponent, in which case a victory likely would not be his final fight, as he’s insisted, but rather a set-up for a richer fight as he tries to break Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 career wins without a loss.

Mayweather will fight Andre Berto on Sept. 12 on CBS, Michael Woods of The Sweet Science reported Tuesday. The fight will be marketed as a freebie for fans who felt cheated for buying Mayweather-Pacquiao, and while Money won’t rake in the pay-per-view dough like he did last time —€” to the tune of $220 million — he will make his usual $30-35 million, plus more from sponsorships, Woods writes.

But the big payday would be for a potential following fight, which would be for 50-0 if Mayweather gets by Berto, a 31-year-old, two-time welterweight champion who’s 30-3 with 23 KO’s but just 3-3 in his past six fights.

Amir Khan, another potential opponent, appears to have the same sources as Woods, tweeting that he, too, heard Berto will fight Mayweather.


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