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Five White Lies People Tell On Dates


At one point or another I think everyone has told a white lie before on date. Be honest, no one is judging you.

1. “I’m not sure what I want. What are you going to have?”
Truth: I don’t want to say that I want something expensive first so let me see what he orders.

2. “I’m never on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.”
Truth: I’m going to log on as soon as I jump in the car to see what pictures and status updates I might have to delete.

3. “No I don’t go out all the time,my girl friend was celebrating..”
Truth: Me and my crew celebrate being single every weekend, we just don’t go to the same night spots.

4. “Yeah, I’ve been here once or twice.”
Truth: I recommend this spot to everyone who asks me what I feel like doing.

5. “I’m not really looking for anything serious right now, I’m having fun just dating.”
Truth: I don’t wanna come of too desperate or give you the sign I’m really lonely.


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