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Drake Has The Streets Of NYC Going Crazy: Fight Breaks Out Over Free T-Shirts


The line at ALife for the Drake and October’s Very Own pop-up shop clearly showed how crazy it was out their, you would of thought it was a Apple iPhone line. People had gathered for the free T-shirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve tees that would be given away at 1 p.m. “Compliments of the Company.” At 2:30 p.m., someone from ALife started walking down the line telling the crowd there was a fight between a man and a woman in front of the store, and that everyone needed to back-up, or else they wouldn’t get the “plenty” of shirts left. Another ALife worker came from the opposite direction and started saying, “The Drake thing is off.”

About eight cops and four cop cars plus an ambulance showed up, and when cops were asked had what happened, all they said was, “No shirts left.” They wouldn’t say why an ambulance was there, either according to Miss Info.

At that point, the police started ushering kids away. A different cop was asked if there was a fight, and he said, “No fight, just no more shirts.” In front of the store, someone wearing an ALife hoodie, who confirmed he worked at the shop but didn’t give a name, was asked if a fight had happened. He said, “There was no fight. That was just a rumor. We ran out of shirts and needed to clear the line.” Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on Nothing Was the Same gear were very, very happy. Those who weren’t able to get anything should probably just check eBay in a few hours.

@Nigel_D: People are really fighting over free #NWTS shirts? http://instagram.com/p/edKAse*sHr#

@Annerslove: smh at the little kids pulling knives on others, all for a free Drake tshirt -_- I swear this Sh*t would happen only in NYC

Ana ‏@Annerslove 17h @KammBe yup lol last time Drake did something free in NYC, people threw chairs at each other… it was shutdown before he even performed -_-

@BROCKYmarciano: Well, b****es is pulling knives on the homies at Alife for drake merch huh?? Really?”

OG Papi Blanco ™ ‏@Heartbreak_Joe 16h Almost got stabbed at the Alife pop up @Drake.

@RenaissanceBH: Girls pulling out blades for Drake tees at ALIFE.

‏@xselynx 17h the line was moving. and what do ni****s do? cut. it resulted in a fight. heard a girl pulled a knife out. ems + cop car out front.

@xselynx 16h drake’s music is dangerous. it’ll have u wondering, imagining, crying, and like what happened in nyc today, it’ll have u pull out a knife.





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