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Do Black Men Want To Be Single?


A number of women I come across have this impression that black men want to be single and are not seeking any commitment. I always reply to some one when they say that with the same answer “The guys I know don’t want to be single they just have a hard time finding a good woman.” I’m just going to lay out then things I see and hear from single black men looking for a good woman to settle down with.

Qualifying – Woman want to know what your driving and how your living (financially) before they want to know if your compatible by conversation.

“What you put in, is what you get out.” – This is a big one in Atlanta. Woman who been on the market for a long time go through the motions of dating. Dating in Atlanta is like musical chairs so you have a small window to show some one your serious, and that goes both ways.

Unrealistic Expectations – A lot of woman are holding out for this fantasy man in their head, not realizing there not bringing anything to the table to make that man want to take them serious. It’s just like the job market you have know your skills and what you bring to the table to be considered a qualified applicant.

If you keep getting pumped and dumped off then you might suffering from a case of unrealistic expectations.

Circle of single girlfriends – Need I say more? A woman who surrounds herself with unemployed broke women will most likely follow suite cause there getting broke women advice.. It’s no different when it comes to relationships.

It seems like you have to fight for time with women who have single girlfriends these days like they are in a relationship together. How would that sound if a woman asked to see you and you keep telling her your going to be busy chilling with your home boy.

Wanting who every one else wants – This is another big one in Atlanta.. You have the same women chasing the same men complaining about “All men in Atlanta are..” You know the saying when your hot your hot.

Too good to be true theory – Too many black women walk around thinking that good black men are extinct. So when they finally come across one they have there guard up even higher cause they think this is “Too good to be true”. When it gets to that point then they are just looking for flaws to put you in the same category of everyone else they dated.

Choosing – Women meet more men than men meet woman and can date more people at one time. How much energy can you put into one person when you have 4-5 guys calling to take you out Friday night.


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