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DJ Injured After Shooting At Rick Ross & Diddy Album Release Party At Velvet Room



Diddy has now had his name attached to two shootings in two nights back to back.

After experiencing violence at his CIAA party on Saturday night/Sunday morning in Charlotte, Diddy along with Rick Ross ran into bad luck the very next night, this time in Atlanta.

The incident took place at the Velvet Room club, a popular nightclub located in Chamblee Tucker Road in DeKalb County, Georgia which was hosting the album release party for Rick Ross’ Mastermind (album is out a day early today). The DJ at the club got into an altercation with another person at back of the club and shots were fired. That’s when uniformed, off duty Police officers responded and went after the DJ. They identified themselves to him but according to the Police, that’s when the DJ started shooting back at the Police officers.

DeKalb Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander said “one subject turned toward them, firing shots. They returned fire, hitting the subject in the leg.” The wounded DJ then got up and went back inside the club, where he was arrested and shifted to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The DJ’s name has not been released and Alexander claimed that there was “no reason to believe” that any of the celebrities at the club for the album release party were involved in the shooting.

Update:HOT 107.9 DJ Beestroh was shot by police when he turned his gun on them in the parking lot outside the Velvet Room nightclub in the 3300 block of Chamblee Tucker Road, the Atlanta Journal-Consti*ion reports. Beestroh was arrested before being transported to a local hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg.


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