Black Man found in Piedmont Park hanging from a tree, KKK spotted a night before

Tragedy struck Atlanta today with the announcement that someone was found hanging in Piedmont Park, a famous park in the city. Police statements and public outcry are at very different ends on the story, and with the horrific deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile headline news, tensions are higher than ever. Very little is known on the story so far, but in the wake of several police brutality incidents, the story is trending on social media.

The Atlanta Police Department sent out its statement on the hanging via an email. The email, which mistakenly dates the incident as June 7th, states that “at 0457 hours Unit 1503 requested investigative assistance at Piedmont Park.” A black man had been found hanging from a park tree by security; the man was estimated at “age 25-35” in the statement. Emergency medical response units responded, but the man “showed no signs of life.” The scene was near the Charles Allen entrance of the park, where the officers were called to.

No autopsy has been done yet, and official cause of death has not been established. But according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police were “confirming the body found was the victim of a suicide.” This is clarified further in the department’s email, which also added a second opinion.

GI units responded to the scene. There were no discernable signs of a struggle or foul play. The scene was consistent with a suicide. Fulton County Medical Examiner Hagar responded and concurred that the death was consistent with a suicide. Hagar assumed custody of the as yet unidentified body.

What they are not reporting is that the KKK was spotted that night handing out flyers.

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