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Amber Rose Is A Stripper!


I got this email from NYdiva

Excuse Me Ladies And Gentlemen… Gold diggers and Groupies. Sorry to burst your bubble But Ms. Amber Rose AKA “Paris” Is a Stripper at the well known SUES RENDEVOUS in Mount Vernon NY at 96 Gramatan Aveune Mt Vernon NY. She is as fake as a $2.00 Bill. Amber/Paris is really gay but she is pretending to be in love with kanye for the fame!!! Whatever works for you girl. But the truth shall set you free. Her Boss Aka Madam CHYNA is setting her up with the celebrities to make the club look good. Chyna is also a low budget 39yr old female Ex-stripper/Bartender at sues who is trying to make a comeback in the modeling world. Paris Girlfriend/pimp tiffany/Trey and her godmother lives on 187th street and webster avenue in the bronx in the projects and Chyna lives on the other side of the Bronx on westchester square in the Bronx… You can see chyna on top of the bar, How lady like… By googling sues rendevous. For more information contact DIEGO at Sues Rewndevous for more info on his wh***s Amber Rose/Paris & Chyna @ 1-914-66*-5747 or 1-914-22*-7097


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