10 Bubbly co**tails For Your New Years Party

Kir Royale

This uses crème de cassis, which sounds fancy, but it’s just currant-flavored liqueur. And look, it makes such a pretty color! Recipe at Martha Stewart.


Cherry Temple

This one ain’t for kids. Recipe at Effortless Chic.


Champagne Mint Mojito

You don’t have to use pink champagne. Recipe at Be Filled Up.


Pomegranate Champagne Punch

Go big or go home. Recipe at Bon Appéti*.


The Brooklyn Beauty

Lemon + gin + sparkle + St. Germain = good money. Recipe at Crepes of Wrath.


Grapefruit Sorbet & Champagne Float

You read it right.. SORBET ~ IN ~ CHAMPAGNE? Recipe at Serious Eats.


Sparkling Apple co**tail

Recipe at Epicurious.


Pink Champagne Punch

Dead simple (use bottled pomegranate juice) and very festive. Recipe at Gourmet.


Black Velvet co**tail

50% Guinness, 50% champagne, 100% YOLO. Source: leitesculinaria.com

Elderflower Champagne co**tail

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