Young Jeezy Birthday Bash Vanquish Lounge Pictures

· September 30, 2011

You seen the Young Jeezy video popping 103 bottles for his 34th birthday celebration at Club Vanquish in Atlanta last night now check out the pics. Jeezy didn’t arrive to the party with Jasmine Sanders who was Chris Brown’s ex and Rob Kardahsians old bust down.

Jeezy and Alex Gidewon

Jonathan Koon Jeezy’s business partner (He was a millionaire at 16)

Jeezy’s business partner, Demetrius “Kinky B” Ellerbee (CTE) and Jonathan Koon.

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  1. IncredibleBlackCock says:


  2. Shawn blackwell says:

    Happy happy gansta day your#1fan baltimore baddest bitch my #rapper I love u.

  3. southwest says:

    Damn Jeezy and his album getting pushed back 3 years. Shawty in the cheetah dress is winning.

  4. Plansky says:

    Jasmine Sanders is a BAD chick… Chris Brown/Kardashian buss down or not… If I was dude Id slip off the rubber and break out the child support

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