Young spent the past six years blowing his fortune. After signing a $58 million contract, with $26 million of it guaranteed, Young says he’s broke.

“I would just say that Vince needs a job,”

his attorney told the Associated Press. A young multi-millionaire can still have fun. But smart young multi-millionaires listen.

Plenty of people tried talking to Young. He certainly got an earful at the 2006 rookie symposium, where the NFL makes draftees sit through four days of cautionary tales.

They were lectures on career planning, life skills and financial advice. Ex-players talked about where they went wrong.

Young probably sat there smugly glancing down at his Ferrari owner’s manual. He believed the commercials that dubbed him “In-Vince-ible.”

That’s how you end up letting a friendly defense attorney become your agent and handle your investments. The other partner was Young’s uncle, a middle-school teacher with no business experience.

It seems the only good investment Young made was in the Austin restaurant. All he probably did was lend his revered name to it, but at least the joint is still in business.

Otherwise, Young is out of NFL business. All that raw talent was never enough. There were too many immature breakdowns and blown plays. The last completion Young made in Tennessee came when he threw his shoulder pads into the stands.

He went to Philadelphia, where Michael Vick was resurrecting Michael Vick.

Vick had learned from his mistakes to the point he was lecturing rookies. If Young started listening, it was too late.

The Eagles released him, then the Bills. His lifestyle is built on an NFL salary, and the money isn’t coming in. Young is suing his advisors, saying they ripped him off.

They claim Young approved every deal and his real problem is irresponsibility. “A common occurrence,” the counter-suit reads, “as Jeff Fisher, Mack Brown, numerous NFL executives, coaches, teammates, scouts, girlfriends and illegitimate children will attest.” These days he is Broke, pushing 30 and out of work. After reading so many of these similar athlete stories you start becoming numb to feeling bad for these guys.

  • @hahz, u right…u do be numb to this kind of news about young black millionaires smh

    • @hahz, u know what tho,im not gon even look down on vince. I know plenty of people who only in the 40,50,60k a yr range that phuck up money,so it ain’t just athletes!!! Lots of black women are terrible with money too smh. Lots of people aren’t taught about how money “really” works smh

      • joe

        it’s easy to get caught up once you start gettin it. I would personally want to hear the SUCCESSful ex-nfl people tell me how to be successful rather than the ones who f-d up tellin me-“don’t F it up.”

  • Birdman202

    It’s sad to see man.Look i’m like this i don’t need no one to look after my money period. people always talk about investments which is over hyped to cause there isn’t any sure investments where you don’t lose money.The real estate game is weak… know if you wanna play it safe you can invest in a food franchise which have big returns.Just dunb on his part when you get your signing bonus take half of it and stash for down the line or out of a job and don’t buy more house than you really need.

  • mike

    He didn’t get release from the Eagles, it was a one year deal. The Eagles offered him a two year deal and wanted him to be Vick’s back up.

  • Birdman202

    Jamal mashburn has 75 papa johns and dunkin doughnuts he was smart with his money plus you play with other millionares get a team mate or two and go in together.

    • Exactly!! That’s an example of people who know how money works!! Cars,jewelry,clothes,shoes & women & partying are worthless!!

    • Mister Mister

      Exactly, the same as Junior Bridgeman

  • BzB

    many of these athletes/entertainers never took or passed a math class, much less made a budget or financial plan. i’m never surprised when i hear they’re broke.

    a lot of street cats are better with their money than these athletes/entertainers. gotta keep that reup/bail/lawyer money right

  • MoorFedayeen

    Whether he did it to himself or not, which he had much help doing so, this is tragic. He’s still a young man. He still has a lot of living to do and now he may be forced to live just like the rest of us when he had a golden ticket that said otherwise.

  • Greg4422

    poor work ethics

  • umbrook

    not knowing the value of a dollar + misplaced trust = BROKE

  • Pose

    All it took was 6 years… I swear, these mofos are stupid..

  • I think it sad that he lost so much money to pure foolishness. He was making it rain every where he went. Now he’s going through a major drought. I agree with you @ BzB- I don’t think he even took or passed a math class.

    Just like the saying- ” A fool and his money are soon parted.”