I seen some horrible bu** shot injections gone wrong but this guys muscle injections remind me of the Toxic Avenger.


20 years from now.


  • joe

    what a clown

  • Playboy69


    • President Ward

      Is that u @Playboy? lol!

      • Playboy69

        @Ward…Nah!…That’s Mr.Captain SAVE -A HOE for Team Fairy Tales STRONG!….LOL!

  • jamarxyz

    I hope his arms get infected and fall off.

  • Mister Mister

    Mental & self esteem issues

  • HANDoverFIST

    Not even real muscles

  • Mohamar Daffakk

    Never let a woman decide the size of her ass and never let a man decide the size of his upper arm, in both cases they cannot stop before its ridiculous and disgusting. My arms are only 14 and a half but its real muscle and many of my younger friends look strong already at 13 and a half inch, stronger than this guy anyway. Synthol retards.

  • Mohamar Daffakk

    Synthol is the height of human devolution.