His wife must feel like sh*t after hearing this news..

According to a signed — though undated — statement newly released by the Smoking Gun, Andrew Mendoza of Danavang, Texas, was waiting for his girlfriend to call one night and told himself that if he didn’t hear from her, he would go next door and “mess with the neighbor’s horse.” She didn’t call.

The docu*ent details the encounter in graphic detail before stating,

“I was trying to make the horse have a baby. I was thinking it would have a horseman baby. I ain’t going to lie, I blew a nut in the horse.”

He later pleaded guilty to public lewdness and criminal trespassing, according to the Smoking Gun, and spent four months in jail.

Click here to read Mendoza’s entire written statement. (Warning: NSFW language)

Mendoza was not the first to be open about se* with equines.

In December, Florida man Carlos Romero argued for his consti*utional right to have se* with his miniature donkey, Doodle.


  • tyuaza

    Desperate so a hooker ,masterbation or waiting for your girlfriend to call wasn’t enough

  • jamar

    they need to put this guy in a rocket and send him in space.all by himself.

    • onthegrind

      Dude i fell of the couch laughing at this comment! Rotflmao! They need to do alot of these clowns like that!

  • Big ALbert

    Can you blame him? That horse had an azz like Maliah.lol

  • 1luv

    This man needs to be killed and the same with anyone else that has sex with animals.

  • joe

    Horses turning men on? They are latino. whats with beastiality. thats unnatrural in the grossest way

  • BrownSugar

    I thought I’ve heard it all. They went from dogs to horses. What’s next? A hampster?