Here is a very disturbing video released recently.

” Surveillance video from Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg shows a nine year-old’s reign of terror over a room of infants. The boy can be seen punching one little girl multiple times. Related Material Man charged with hitting child tells his story No court appearance yet for man accused of slapping child Man arrested for slapping 6 year old at daycare Then choking another, then patting her back as she cries in pain. Another time he violently shakes another child. In an exclusive interview with a WLBT photojournalist, the boy’s aunt says the family is embarrassed by the attacks and the daycare should be shut down. “He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child,” says Vinia Dolley.”, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

  • JJ

    I saw this yesterday

    Why did u title it Attacks BLACK babies tho???

    • where they white?

  • Moor TC. Carnage

    This isn’t even about the kid or other kids. This is more so about the never ending bad press-propaganda. There are 350 million stories in this country; pick one. They keep picking us. “Yeah he bad…yeah he take take medicine”. Really? “I don’t think she was quite ignorant enough, look harder”.

    “Now back to you Chuck with the weather but before you do, check out this story about a dog that saved a family from certain death when their house erupted in a blaze”.

    This sh1t aint news to anyone. News keeps you in the KNOW, not constantly showing casing ISOLATED incidents on one group. The black man is feared for all the wrong reason unjustly, now they’re starting on the young boys. Don’t forget this story started with a supposed “chimp out” of a black man at this nursery over a bruised daughter. Now they come back for more.

    • MalleG’s


    • Verde 718

      I bet you blame white people for all your problems…Everything is the WHITE man fault smh.

      Complaining about every single thing isnt going solve anything,It’s the NEWS their ratings go up when something really bad happens.

      The little boy just happens to be black,Stop acting like a victim you fake azz activist

      • Moor TC. Carnage

        “Just happens to be black” huh? Again? STFU, better yet take ya white azz on somewhere cause you full of it. The media aint sh1t. U can suck a d1ck if you sit there and reply with a lie saying it’s fair and balanced, and it aint racist. White folks stay telling themselves lies, daily. Other wise they couldn’t sleep.

        • Verde 718

          You really do blame WHITE people for all your problems lol,I’m not white you old azz blogger…I’m black by the way,People like always you point fingers smh

          How is it racist if blacks and Hispanics commit the most crimes in the country,The news only report it and tell you about it dumbazz.I can picture you in your sh1tty apartment,Angry at the world blaming white people for everything lol

          • TYBO2020

            COMMITED BY WHITES..


          • Moor TC. Carnage

            @Tybo f*ck what that devil talkin about. I won’t even reply to his b1tch azz. He can’t even admit he’s white over a damn blog so you know he gonna tell u a lie to your face. F*CK him..but look what I got. Its no question that I speak the truth. The media got it out for us. *The Game voice* “Check ’em out”


          • jamar

            your gov.commits the most goes unnoticed because they are the lawmakers..your biggest criminals are doctors ,lawyers,judges,police,politicians,presidents,ect…but back to this video…notice how this little monster is smart enough to make his moves when nobody aint lookin..he needs a good ass woopin.

    • Pretty Manny

      Lets not forget about how the media conveniently forgot to give credit to the Jarrell Brooks the black 19 yr old kid that saved that lady and her two kids when her boyfriend ran away. I still can’t believe how the media has decided to ignore that story it’s mind boggling, instead they wanna interview the coward that ran away and push a happy ending on us by talking about their engagement.smh

      • Jamez

        i was jus bout to ask bout that. i really wanna fight back for our more positive image. its possible but sites like worldstar and madiatakeout holdin us back

    • @Moor Wtf are you talking about? Do you even give what you type any thought before you push “Add Comment?” Did you see what this little motha fucka did to these babies, while the adults is just looking away and not paying attention? This sh$t is news, and every family black or white needs to be aware of what goes on in these day cares.

      Wtf are you sniffing dog?

    • keir Ward

      there is no defense for this little bully, the caretaker, the daycare center or the parents. i see your point of view concerning the media, but, since we know the cards are stacked against us, why do we keep givin them shit to report? if that little boy wasn’t beating those kids there would be no story. period.

  • crabapples

    someone please give that boy some therapy.

  • Jamez

    that lil boy need somethin but as far as media, we cant control it. its like we jus gotta hope people dont stereotype but thats not workin. after a while u jus gotta stop caring man

  • Mister Mister

    HTF you gon say “he’s bad” and then go on to say he’s a “normal kid”….the fukk outta here.

    • Moor TC. Carnage

      I’m more taken back by the poor speech. Its a fact that these slimy f*cks scan the crowd for the most ignorant black they can find. I can remember seeing an eyewitness give a statement on the 5 o’clock and in mid interview he takes a sip of his liquor. Really? This is war they are waging. A people’s image is all that have first and foremost. Destroy the image then no one will speak up for them when you begin the assault to destroy them. The Civil Rights movement taught these devils that. Back then African Americans had a wonderful image worldwide and gained support from all over. Good luck nowadays doing that, because of the TV.

      • Mister Mister

        I’m all for the Civil Rights movement and anti-ignorant within the Black community, but I would laugh something crazy if I saw this news clip you speak of when the man takes a sip of some liquor lmao!

        But yeah, the image that is portrayed now is not of respect of oneself anymore & it’s really so sad. You can’t help everybody though….

      • @Moor You worried about speech, and while I agree that they get targeted out as a mockery, it’s also our own fault for talking and acting like this as well. Can’t blame the white media when we shooting up the hood everyday, car jacking the elderly, and when they interview a witnesss they sound ignant as he$$. We have to take responsibility for ourselves.

        But propz for not using the word coon about your own people.

  • BzB

    “He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child”


    • jamar

      retarted parents should not be aloud to breed…this lil n!gga was clever enough to do his dirt when nobody was lookin…so he aint totally stupid…he needs a good a$$ woopin,maybe borderline abuse his azz…he’ll chill out.

      • Mal

        trouble is, that boy has probably had his
        behind beat and his head knocked
        silly-beatin’ isn’t all there is to teaching
        a child, but sorry i have to say in the
        black community it seems like there’s a
        contest to see who can beat and cuss
        their kid the most to show how “in charge”
        the parent is! this boy is probably
        already ruined judging by what he was
        doing to litlle babies! blacks need to
        teach and love their kids and not just
        beat and cuss at them!

  • This lil ninja needs his a$$ BEAT! That heifer needed to be arrestedd for acting as if she didn’t see him hurting those babies.

    His aunt was ghetto & ignorant on so many levels- “He bad. He take medicine.” No $hit, his a$$ is bad. But that medicine excuse doesn’t fly with me.

    Those crazy ghetto a$$ mothers put those kids on meds to receive a disability check (which is higer than their welfare check). I’ve seen so many kids being sent to the office daily to be medicated because they’re disrupting classtime because the mother didn’t medicate the child before school. SMDH…these heifers will do anything for a bigger monthly check to buy Jordans for all 4 of their nappy headed, dumb as hell kids. They come to school everyday to fight, eat free breakfast & lunch, and terrorize other kids. Not one of them gets on the honor roll!

    • Jamez

      see..i wanted to say beat him..but would that help him or hurt him even more? i think a lil both but beating isnt the ABSOLUTE answer everytime

      • Linda

        He is old enough to know if someone did that to him it would hurt. I would have beat his ass and dropkicked his just like he did that little girl. I know that is not the way to handle things, but lord forgive me He would have got his ass beat by me that day.

  • Pretty Manny

    Honestly though we have a major problem in the black community and as much as the media might be taking advantage of it by shining the spotlight on stories like this, I have personally observed several black children like the one above and I have to believe that the black home has been destroyed to an almost unfamiliar level. There way too many fathers and mothers alike who could care less about the well being of their children. While the men have a tendency to leave the mothers a lot of times are no better and only remain with the children so that they can collect some sort of government assistance. Meanwhile the children grow up neglected, emotionless, and with limited education. And those same children go on to have children of their own there by repeating the sins of their parents. It’s really sad but what to do?

    • @Pretty Manny well stated. And what to do? I have no clue, but until we can figure it out, try to talk to, and uplift our people. We still have to stick together, and not be laughed at and called “coons”. You see a child with messed up shoes, go buy him/her a pair of cheap gym shoes. Try to talk to the young boys/girls, about what is killing us as a people. You never know, you may change someones life.

      • Pretty Manny

        I hear that oneslug if most of us were to get involved in our own communities it would mos def spark a change for the better

  • Saw this on WSHH last week. WTF!!! Bebe kid!!!

  • 313Deuce BP

    you know im going to be honest wit yall i laughed a lil bit and was like d@mn when he did that WWF dropkick on her, please forgive me yall but it was morally wrong. On a serious note media has a way of spinnin a story to the point where people will be like “this cant be life” I bet you they edit so much stuff out of their footage to get all the bullshit. lets get real i know they had a positive black brother or sista on there talkin about the situation, but decided to put up aunt jemama for entertainment.

  • Linda

    I would have beat his ass, and the Day care workers to. How was he able to do all that to those poor babies and NO ONE knew or saw anything. Those lazy crack hoes working in a daycare just for the pay check dont even take care of their own children. I see u on the streets Crack hoes its on.

  • treydarealest1

    That kid need his head cracked by his worthless ass parents. I wish another kid would do this to my seed I got.

  • JGoode

    To whoever runs this site:

    Hire writers or just stick to posting big booty female pics. Even world star did a better job of titling this story. Why did you choose “black babies”, why does that matter to you. Or did wherever you “borrowed and copied and pasted this story from word it like that? I notice you “borrow” a lot of work that’s not your own. I understand, all you care about is the views so you can make money; but we’re not all ignorant and you should care about offending those who visit your site

  • Sw618

    I would have BEST HIS A Z Z…that little M O F U. That little B A S T A R D

  • damnshame

    the consequences of black fathers not being in their children’s life.

  • mylovevic69

    This story tore my heart from my chest. I was dumb founded at the lack of supervision on the behalf of the staff. I was pissed at the actions of this little slick boy, who knew to look and see if any of the adults in the same room; were watching; before he struck those little babies. I could only imagine the anger in the Father who went into that daycare, to find out who was doing those terrible things to his daughter. I can only hope that there isn’t any permanent damage caused to those little babies. As far as the nine yr. old, he needs years of therapy and should not have been in the toddler room. I don’t know of any daycare where the babies are in the same room as the big kids. I truly believe every adult in that room should have caught a charge. An a 2,600$ bond isn’t enough it should be more. i am a mother and would have probably done the same thing if this happened to my child. I don’t work in a daycare but I do know the rules, if your child is injured an incident report is supposed to follow that child home. To the mother of the 9yr. old, he may be bad, and also may be on medication; he needs to be held accountable for his actions. He desperately needs to know that what he did was uncalled for and should never happen again under any circumstances. As Black people we need to do better by our children. I hope that nothing like this happens again with her son. Because the next time we may be hearing about him killing someone.

  • Mal

    Blacks have become like the slaveowners who used to own them-beat, beat, beat. i see this everywhere i go and it breaks my heart to hear these black mothers, dad disappeared usually, talking to their kids like nasty slavemasters! cussin and screaming at BABIES, calling them the foulest names. what is wrong with this picture-blacks hate their own children something fierce and satan just runs rampant among us. we have to turn to GOD to change our hearts and stop destroying our own children