If you seen this pink haired stallion in the club smiling at you from a far.. would you have holla’d at her?

Some men wouldn’t be caught dead in public with a woman with a fruity pebbles flavored hair style. Other would say Pink hair don’t care..

  • Playboy69

    PASS!…She is weak

  • 206dee

    I’ll run her joints

  • bighomie53

    Yea i’m beatin,, that’s a lot of a$$ stretchin that dress out!!!!!!! #WP

    • Realtalkin


  • MoorFedayeen

    Yo that face is pretty strong bro. Sure that aint a slut with nutz Hahz? You’ve fooled us in the past..

    • Mister Mister


  • dimpledave

    she can always change her hair color

  • Chrisd

    yall crazy, I’d holla. Broad is baaaaad

  • President Ward

    Alot of thirsty dudes on here. I’ll pass that’s a dude.

    • MoorFedayeen

      It is too. Smh, n1ggas would take some head on the low knowing full too. @Prest comes to mind. Why@ Prest, why??????

      • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

        Presto would prefer taking head from a dude in a dress(e.g. B Suck up). lol

        • presto 2.5

          ((WARNING-WARNING)) ^^^^ …”The Following comments are Homo…the thought process only reflect the TC mentality of dude on dude action…and is not affliated with the real G’s of ANS”


  • Techie Bro

    only for one night..

  • Camaro434

    I guarantee you that thing ain’t gon’ be pretty when the dress comes off.

  • SW ATL

    Some of yall sound like fruits–hair style? colored hair? lol — man i’m smashing a couple times never return her calls after — real nigga in the building

  • ginoBrown


  • LouieVtheKING

    Im staining. I aint wifing.

  • blizzy

    hell yeah.. .i likes the colorful hair chicks…. they always gettin nasty in the club

  • presto 2.5

    niccas aint pass’n on dat…stopit

  • At first I was think “hell yeah” but now you cats got me re-thinking this decision. HaHa Need more pics of this one so I can make a decision.

  • 1luv

    Yall also got me rethinking about smashing. Damn there should be a crime for people that have sex change.

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      I speak on my behalf and all Team Chocolate members, when I say we agree with you, 1luv, 100 percent.

      B and Presto disagrees with you cuz they would have the operation, if they had the money. lol

      • presto 2.5

        lol @FunkyBootyInspector…yall some sked-fragile azz niccas!…@MoorFeen the first one always think’n bout nuts in his mouth…then yall TC munchkins follow suit…lol…Hoop’n and Holler’n bout Serena’s manly azz doe?…lol

        nicca @Moor is traumatized from drop’n da soap too much while doin dem bids…lmao!

        but of course if she “swing’n”…CP3’n…but only insecure niccas gotta let the obvious be known?…stopit Chocos