Angelica tricked her boyfriend of 8 years named Gary in to having a baby. Gary informed her he never wanted kids and she told him she was on the pill when she stopped taking it knowing she would get pregnant. Instead of going to the Maury show.. the couple took their issues to The Breakfast Club, listen to the audio below. What would you do in this situation?

  • too_funny (TC UNLTD)

    His dumb ass should have never went in without a condom so this is his fault regardless if she says she’s on the pill.

    Ans if he knew he never wanted kids he should’ve gotten clipped years ago.

    • Tim

      What’s up Too?

      Some men don’t want to get clipped specially when you believe you are in a relationship with someone who claims to be an adult or partner who you discuss stuff with.

      This chick just lied all the way round. I could see if they were a hooded out couple but both parties said like they do have some sense and education by the way they were both speaking, that is until she “No need for a Turkey Baster ” on dude.

      • too_funny (TC UNLTD)

        Wassup Tim

        U right bit regardless u cant trust a female when it comes to birth control and kids bc in the end they always want kids and the older they get the more they realize what their missing out on when it comes to motherhood

    • Ceasar

      They were together for 8 years, ofcourse he was beating without a rubber..That does not mean she can trick him into having kids..You just changed that mans life with 1 foul move..Unfortunately the baby will suffer for this..

  • Tim

    Why the hell the broad try to guilt trip the dude? This was her fault because they had discussed early in the beginning of the relationship as to what was going to be. That meant that regardless of how things were she was always looking for more. Most women would usually just find another dude, and go from there. However, this chick laid the in your face trip for this dude.

    They have been together that long and this dude did not see the broad as worthy of having his baby? After all that time? He must have seen something in her to not soften opinion in that regard. Now, she is going to hit him up with all kinds of stuff he was not prepared for, legal wise that is.

    This is what you get when you think you are in a relationship with another adult and actions show otherwise. I hope he can use her admission in court. This was some foul Sh*yt. She bout to mess up the babies life and his, because she is alright with it from the way it said.

    • Yes, that is the most selfish thing you could do to some one. Karma is a b1tch you don’t wanna fukk with.

    • too_funny (TC UNLTD)

      But y continue to be in a relationship with a broad not worthy of having ur kids and continue to go raw dog?

      • too_funny (TC UNLTD)

        And birth control does not guarantee a woman will not get pregnant.

      • Tim

        Because the broad allows it, and because the dude knew she had the mentality to be used. Lets face it we have, or had broads we could hit at will. She could have had a talk with dude to see if he had changed his mind after about a year of two then moved on if she did not get the answer she wanted, not take matters in her own hands.

      • desolation

        maybe dude just aint want kids. You could love ur wife or girlfriend but not wanna have no kids with her.

  • tyuaza


  • she tricked him but he still being a b1tch sh1t niggas get girls knocked up all the time n they dont want the baby cus they got ten other ones on the way but they still have em i mean how foul can she be she was with him for 8 years maybe she thought he was just sayin that in the begining sounds like he had other women on the side if he just hoped up from a woman he was wit for 8 years and she must be out of her mind becus he should have been wifed her up but in the end it still takes two to tangle he shoulda used protection hell he didnt even have the cumin courtesy to pull out if he wasnt gone use a rubber now he mad becus of a baby he made without the sperm doner u cant get pregnant

  • common

  • Fresh hefner

    Best line he eva said ” im not the father”. Im thinkn to myself well if u aint da father pimpin, then who iz u?

  • yea I’m a girl

    Thing is this is so trifling and dad on do many levels. They were two adults in a relationship where he clearly expressed not wanting kids which she agreed to. After 8 yrs in a relationship feelings towards parenthood hadn’t changed she shouldve hsve been woman enough to know what she wanted and left the situation(if she always wanted kids why even bother) then to be so deceitful to truck this man into getting how pathetic is that? Granted her is a dad of a child he never wanted and does not acknowledge that child, how could you blame him? The man didn’t want ANY children he said that so she dead ass wrong for that and she had to deal with it! Take him to court by law he’ll have to be financially responsible but to be apart of a child life that he clearly didn’t want can’t be forced upon him. The child will have to grow up knowin momma was a trifling deceitful bitch that tricked my dad into having me and she is a girl so maybe another black girl lost absent a father figure looking for her father’s affection and attention. .. Maybe

  • Dubl_D

    Always protect yourself. Look out for numero uno. Don’t trust no female, don’t trust no pill. He’s a fool for not to using a condom even if she told him she didn’t want kids either. This chick is worst. She thinks 8 yrs entitles her to have his child. Now all three will suffer for it. She admitted what she did to the world and she had the option to abort but he didn’t. All a dude has is the right to shut up and pay up. And now this dumb ass thinks he has a new woman he can trust. This brother needs to go back to school and take Tom Leykis 101.

  • BrownSugar

    That entire show sounded stupid & bogus! They need to practice their acting skills by doing local theater before doing radio. Ricky Smiley’s Paternity Test Tuesday show is better than this lame show any day, especially the Waffle House drama.