After nearly 10 years in high ranking positions, she was let go from the company. Evans claims she was fired after a series of racial complaints, and was replaced by a younger white man. Evans is suing the energy giant, alleging racial and gender discrimination. She claims that she was reprimanded for wearing a dashiki to work, told that her “ethnic” clothing made her coworkers “uncomfortable.”

She says she was told that wearing her hair in twists and braids was “intimidating,” and that she should wait to wear her “ethinic” hair and clothing on “‘culture day,’ black history month or special diversity events/days.’”

Evans also claims that she was told to “alert people in advance” that she “will be wearing something ethnic.”

Woman Fired From BP Claims She Was Told That Her Dashiki Made Coworkers "Uncomfortable"

BP spokesman Scott Dean stated: “Generally, BP does not publicly discuss personnel issues. However, BP treats all employees fairly. BP disagrees with the claims and will vigorously defend the suit.”

BP will side step this lawsuit like the gulf disaster.. and black people will continue to fuel their tanks up at their gas stations like nothing ever happened.

  • Greg4422

    So it took them 10 years to become racist? C’mon son

  • @ poster of this artcile re: “Bp will sidestep…black people will pump..happened” — what a way to be optimistic. I disagree with your sentiment. This lady’s case is one of a David vs Goliath, w/ the lady being the David. As long as she doesn’t back down she’ll be fine. I suggest if you can’t be positive, keep your pessimistic comments to yourself

    • Optimistic based off of our history with these same incidents doesn’t seem realistic. When is the last time blacks united to take a stand on being mistreated?


    Nothing to see here, just normal daily behavior by the white devils. Who’s next? SMH

    One Love

  • Sadiki

    It didn’t take them 10 years.They had it in them all the time and the more she got successful the more jealous and evil they become.Period.Blacks can never fully be themselves in a hostile environment.Peace!

    • Greg4422

      maybe, but you know how we get when we get a little authority

      • 1luv

        So are you saying that black people tend to get uppity when having a higher authority.

  • jamarxyz

    Dont buy sh1t from BP.