Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the upcoming film “The Wolf Of Wall Street” scheduled to be in a theater near you on November 15. The official trailer features Kanye West single Black Skinhead providing the backdrop for your enjoyment.

  • 007


  • Kitten

    some parts were corny.. some parts were good, they def need to redo the trailer

  • Sasha4

    Martin scorcesse filmed it so it’s going to be interesting.

    • G

      Really excited about the HBO series he has coming out next year.

  • Fdat

    This is gonna be insane!

  • Mister Mister

    LOL@ my man Leo pop locking.

    Can’t wait to see it, Wall Street with Gekko got me interested in the financial field, which is what I’m in now & I love it. So movies like this, I definitely love to watch

  • OldHead

    Damn, even Scorsese pirated Yeezus.

  • 007

    Is that sampled on Manson’s “Beautiful People”? Cause that is what I hear when I hear Black Skinhead.

  • Crossthebreeze

    Sounds like the first season of Breaking Bad.

  • G

    Goodfellas is a unique piece of work. Its almost perfect in every way a film can be. Editing, pacing, narration, the performances, and the dialog/narrative. Even the ending was pitch perfect.

    Scorsese’s focus has changed since then. I would say the last really great film he did direct was “Cape Fear.” I liked “Gangs of New York” but it wasn’t a GREAT film. It was a historical epic-adventure like “300” or “Ben-Hur.” I give credit where its due though the set-pieces were amazing and visually scrumptious. I did enjoy the last shot in the film showing NYC changing over time. He always did have knack for great closing shots.

    But I don’t know about this new film. So far every filmmaker who has taken on this subject [wall street] has failed miserably to say something substantive about everything that has happened. Well short of the usual superficial: greed is bad and poo-poo on you citibank.