Will Smith has taken father-son bonding to another level. Earlier this week he traveled with his sons 21-year-old Trey and 15-year-old Jaden to Dubai and went skydiving!

Smith shared photos from their excursion on his Facebook today saying: I jumped with Trey and Jaden today. I kept thinking to myself, “This potentially may be the individual worst display of parenting in African-Amercian history.”

To Smith’s credit, he did try it out himself before bringing his sons. The week beforehand he went skydiving with his Fresh Prince co-star Alfonso Riberio.

Also his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, co-signed her husband’s choice of bonding activities. She posted the photo of Jaden with the caption, “Jaden jumping from a plane. Life.”

  • KutDawg

    Fuck nigga got 2 much money. He done turned into one of them thrill seeking white boys. I see he didn’t trust himself to pull that cord tho. Naw, he let a fuckin pro do that lol.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Naw Bra just living life, aint just no whiteboy shiiit , black people do it too, when you get money and are surrounding by different people outside your birthplace zipcode you gain wisdom and see new outlook on life, he just living his life aint mad at that.

      • Gutnwade

        Not at all. Black folks need good adrenaline rushes too. You don’t even have to go to Dubai to skydive, it’s crazy cheap, especially if you go as a group. It’s like 80 bucks in most areas

      • bloggettee

        Where is the “wisdom” in sky diving ?????

        I guess heroin shooting can also be considered “wisdom” since “people outside your birthplace zipcode” seem to get a similar high from partaking in it ….

        • desolation

          Let me guess ,when you go to theme parks, when everyone’s going on rollercoasters, you just sit on a waiting bench and wait for your party to return, right ?
          If not, then you should understand what @nowhite is saying.

          You gain wisdom & insight from new experiences, good and bad ones. Sky diving aint the most conventional or safest way to kill time but it can certainly teach you a lot about yourself as a person.

          Black people really need to get out of the ” this shit for white people” mentality when we see something that’ we’re not accustomed to. You miss out on a lot in life if you just stick to safe and known route. Unless it’s something that really don’t sit well w/ ya, I say try it at least once. Besides, life is short and you can die in bed anyway. So, might as well try something cant nobody you know say they’ve ever done, if nothing else other than to brag about it.

  • jamar.xyz

    that shit look like fun…and aDubai looks like the new spot….its a big world,….

    • MoorThugRelated

      Hell yea Dubai is the spot and it was all possible through oil money Paris by us.

  • Afrika

    @blogettee , think of the last time you mentioned the words ‘I’, ‘Sky diving’ and ‘Dubai’ in the same sentence…hmmmm doesn’t correlate does it…….layoff the smack bra.