Who’s The Hottest Rapper In Atlanta?

· February 1, 2013

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  1. Simba says:

    being the most relevant at a certain period doesn’t equate at being the better rapper/artist

    I rate atlanta rappers like this:

    Andre 3000
    Big Boi

    and then the rest..

    this is taking lyricism, consistency, trend setting and impact

  2. Queso (The Corp) says:

    Andre 3k is the hottest rapper in the south period and better than the majority of east coast niccas..and this coming from a dude born n raised in the Bronx.

  3. jamar says:

    this is a useless debate…how do you debate over an opinion.

  4. Tyuaza says:

    andre 3000
    big boi
    cyhi da prynce

  5. Big ALbert says:

    Georgia in general gotta lot of garbage azz rappers. For every OutKast there’s about 50 Travis Porters

  6. Tresan says:

    from the outside lookin in the hottest rappers in the (when u say hottest u talkin bout u buzzin as of the moment) is 2 chainz n future……..and on that note 2 chainz in the bahamas tonight so its goin down

  7. ginoBrown says:

    The question is not who is the most lyrical, it’s who is the HOTTEST or better yet who is the most relevant on a popular scale so judging by that I would have 2 say it’s a tie between 2-Chainz and Future.

  8. Christian says:

    If you haven’t checked out this version of Future’s Karate Chop remix with lil wayne it you should!


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