Who Looked Better Rihanna or Kelly Rowland?

· November 19, 2012

The “Umbrella” performer’s latest studio album Unapologetic was released in stores today. Earlier this afternoon, RiRi tweeted, “Happy WORLDWIDE #UNAPOLOGETIC DAY!!! Thank everybody around the world who’s supporting this album.



Kelly Rowland attends the after party for the 2012 AMA’s at the Rolling Stone Restaurant.


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  1. BzB says:

    holup…i thought kelly ro cut her hair off??

    rih looks better in these pics. but kro > rih on most days

  2. Wes J. says:

    Kelly is afar smoother looking and totally lady!

  3. BullnBearHP says:


  4. Red_Corp says:

    Both of them can get it

  5. E-Dub says:

    Ri all day and night.

  6. Leroy#79 says:

    Kelly, in spite of “store bought” ta-tas.

  7. stevocarter says:

    I cant believe you really ask this question LMAO Rihanna Duhhhhhhh

  8. Myrl22 says:

    Kelly killed it hands down on this one…the over sized jacket looks tacky i=on Rih

  9. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) says:

    Kelly Rowland !!!!

  10. Jdangla says:

    kelly got that grown sexy thang going! I love Rih but Something about kelly make a nigga wanna pull a Ring out the Sky

  11. Twista says:

    If we talking face honestly i would have to give it to Rihanna but overall behavior Kelly takes it.

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