Who Are You Smashing? Naturi Naughton or Teairra Mari

· August 14, 2010

Actresses Teairra Mari and Naturi Naughton pictured on the red carpet of “The Lottery Ticket” premiere. You seen how Naturi rides already,who are you smashing??

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  1. jfizzle says:

    This is a tough one they kinda interchangeable, but I’m a go with Naturi ’cause she showed me something in Notorious. I know it was acting but there aint no class for riding like that, that comes from experience.

    • Forty and Fly guy says:

      I agree whicha on the choice, nizzle, though I don’t know any of either one’s body of work. I think both of their bodies would work for me.

  2. bloggette says:

    NONE !

  3. WHOD says:

    Teairra all day

  4. homeysafreak says:

    Both ladies are fine, but I’m going with Teairra Mari in this one, something about her tells me she’s a freak in bed.

  5. TruthRevealer says:

    Smashing both but wifing Naturi. Folks still got a color complex I see. But after Teairra put out that Sponsor bullshit, she officially put herself in the jumpoff only category.

    • MisterMidas says:

      Lol, no joke right? Wtf you need a sponsor for hoe, aint u getting paper from your deal? She need to sponsor ME hell lol. But I agree with you. If I could only smash one, it’d be Tierra….but wife up Naturi.

  6. SLIM G says:

    i love my chocolates, bt Teairra Mari ah badd bytch doe!

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