Who Are You Smashing : Joanna Shari or Ashley Logan ?

· April 15, 2011

Check out Joanna Shari & Ashley Logan Double Trouble Part 2 video and choose… Joanna Shari or Ashley Logan ?

Who Are You Smashing : Joanna Shari or Ashley Logan ?

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  • outrageous_man

    Joanna just because i met her lol

  • http://soundclick.com/rexbrothasoul rex brothasoul

    what nationality r these chix and are their asses real????????????just askin

    • Ceasar

      @rex brothasoul There white girls Homie and in my opinion their asses are real.. Neither one really stands out over the other so im gone go with Joanna Shari she may have a little bit more sex appeal to me..

    • Sweer

      joanna is italion and i think ashley is jus white but iaint sure and yeah joana is deff real n even dou ashley ass look real in this video in some pics her ass looks suspect but ima go wid joanna better face and better body

  • dattymaw

    Joanna se ve mas cachonda.

  • Riem25


  • kingjuan30

    Now I am pro-black as the next man but the way sista’s have been doging good brotha’s out lately , it makes it so much easier to smash bad bitc?es of another race. Hey it’s 2011 I am just checking for bad bitc?es period !lol and yes Joanna & Ashley can both get it the same … peace

  • MoorFedayeen

    I picked Joanna because her face is better but the bodies are neck & neck. Neither one has much up on the other.

  • KING

    paper bag and some condoms

    bottle of vodka

    oh yea

    but to call these wmn bad and they wood be more than a 1 night stand I wood be lying

  • PAC

    Damn they both nice but Joanne is RIGHT! Ash is NICE to, but I gotta lean toward J more.

  • no hate

    The video was biased. Ashley didn’t get as much shine… But that being said, she really didn’t need it (in this case). Joanna took it this time. They’re fairly close. I gotta say though, both of them used to look better facially, especially Ashley. Somethin’ fell off to me. Still decent.

  • Tank

    These chicks do nothing for me. I need more coffee. Less sugar less cream. Nonetheless, I would definitely hit both

  • NotImpressed

    Joanna is the lesser known slore so she’s my pick.

  • http://www.myspace.com/gphi2007 gphi

    Joanna Shari all day. PEACE!!!

  • mr.portcity

    Ashley azz ain’t real…smash but keep it moving

  • Torres, M

    Ashley for me because she looked taller and blog air trumps blonde more often than not for me.

    • Torres, M


  • IrishDublin

    Two hot womans with fine assets he he. But ill be bias and go for Ashley Logan with her Irish blood.

  • Playboy69


  • http://google Ace in the hole

    I’ve seen Ashley in other photoshoots and she’s got a smokin’ hot
    body. Joanna isn’t bad but for some reason she looks too much like a
    white guy post-op. I can’t wait until the next shoot to see who’s featured, would be nice to see some sweet dark chocolate sisters for
    a change.