A video is circulating tonight after a group of kids and young adults from Wichita, KS attempting to stage a peaceful protest in response to the Zimmerman verdict, were rudely interrupted by two white males–one wearing a t-shirt with the words “This shirt can say NIGG*R because it is black”–and it was caught on tape.

From Youtube:

A group of about 20 children between the ages of 2 and 12 and about 20 more young adults were peacefully protesting racial profiling on Rock Road in front of Towne East Mall when these two grown idiots with the word N*GGER in big white letters attempted to intimidate, disrupt, and incite violence.

Funny thing is that although the Wichita Police said that AJ Bohanan’s sign around his neck that said, “If I don’t stand for something I’ll fall for anything!!! #RIP Trayvon Martin” was inciting a riot and arrested him. The two grown men with “N*GGER” on a shirt walking up on a group of Black youth grieving the death of an unarmed Black teen were able to laugh with them and go home.


  • BullnBearHP

    Come to Oakland with this….

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Naw get at me in Detroit

      • REX!!!

        Nall,bro bring it to the CHI

  • lnfamous ONE

    Somebody should’ve blown his fuking head off. Plain and simple. I would’ve followed his @ss down the street and dealt with them off-site. See how b|tchass they were though, scared outta there fat@sses.

  • smh

  • blizzy

    should have been 2 dead grey boys……. fuck em all

  • Please come to my city with that bullsh!t I’m begging you. I know a army of wolves just thirsting for some sh!t like that to pop off. Please so we can stop beefing with each other and focus on you.. You will be a meal.

  • B-EZ124

    To me this proves that most of these racist are cowards. They always approach minority kids be it black, latino, asian, or whatever trying to be bold. Never a grown man. Straight sucka moves.

  • I don’t understand, how is it that Caucasians have this strange vicarious relationship with George Zimmerman? Think about this’ Puerto Rican singer Mark Anthony performed the National Anthem at the All-Star game this past week and face a barrage of racial tweets from inciteful irritated fans who think he shouldn’t have been there deeming him non- American though he was born in New York City. But yet they took it upon themselves to see Zimmerman as one of there own being unjustly crucified for killing an unarmed African American teen. The psychology behind this is so strange that I don’t see any Mexicans going above and beyond the extent to defending one of their own which would be more natural coming from them then whites or currently doing at the moment. But then again the media didn’t make no distinction between the two races during this high profile trial at all. They portrayed Zimmerman as an honorary white male as if to double there chances at a race riot with an obvious Mexican man but shown and depicted almost as a Caucasian given that there are not to many head Mexicans in charge of neighborhood watch groups that I know of, do any of you? I’m mean I don’t know what to make of this strange thing white people have for this guy because them coming to the defense of a Mexican is unheard of. And Bill Cosby has the audacity to say that race shouldn’t play a part in this? When that is about the only hope left to get justice for Trayvon and he is going to come out intrepidly and say this in the face of your own people who are basically being ridiculed and attacked by people who are not even Mexican but took it upon themselves to say in this case ”we are” sense the teen that was killed wasn’t white but the guy who killed him is white enough somehow to get this support from people who would other wise be pushing to get you back over the fence when it doesn’t benefit them when it comes to jobs and entitlement programs for immigration reform.

    • Mike Lowrey

      The same whites you speak of have been taught that they were better than blacks. I.E. Americans and African Americans when their both simple Americans. They don’t give a shit about Zimmerman. They just think the young African American deserved to die because he was a young African American wearing a hood.

  • Murder

    N****s should’ve beat the clothes off these pigs dragged em off site and put a couple in each head

  • jamarxyz

    those 2 devils probably work for the government…and yall need to stop saying what yall gonna do on these social networks…keep it on the low-low…you should not put out threatful languages on these sites…these devils dont put their true intentions or warnings out in the open,they plot and scheme behind the curtain.

    • smoothie

      I was thinking samething brotha. I doubt 2 racist had the nuts to do that. Might have been a set up. Never really no big brothers intentions, but we must do everything strategic to take back the planet.

      • DogMom

        These guys are from my town, not a set up. They really are that stupid. The driver was stupid enough to use his company care for this. He has been suspended from his job. They are not Government workers. They are IT guys.

  • Big bread

    White folks just mad at everybody right now. You can tell those white dudes weren’t getting money and they wanna blame black people for their lackluster life.i love pulling up in my whip blasting my music cause they all want my car. I love being Black.

    • MoorDetroitRed


      Police are also fun to do that with too.